Huge price inflation with no cap?!?

You guys already charge a freakin ARM AND A LEG for your video game, more than any other game I’ve ever played, BY FAR. And now you’ve increased the price??? Could you be any more greedy?? I spent 10 bucks tonight and it was gone in literally 30 minutes playing the event… keep it up and I’m gone, I don’t care how great you think your game is. Your price increases are complete BS and totally unfair, not to mention outrageously inflated! You’re making this game about your profits above everything else, and at this point it seems it is ALL you care about, considering the huge amount of bugs, glitches and unfair matching you seem to neglect… for the prices you charge you should be able to fix everything! Instead you’re making it all worse, with your prime agenda being your bank accounts…


YES!!! Are you guys going to start listening now or???


This was announced in the following thread.

I wrote a longer response in another thread. Here’s an excerpt:

Ok I get that, but that still doesn’t affect the people that are rich and can afford the new refresh rates. The events were fun the way they were run, and it gave people like me that are home and disabled something to do all day. There needs to be a happy medium between the two. Decrease the refresh time? Increase the the ticket amount? Or how about just completely do away with the refresh feature on the event all together? If there’s no way to refresh, then the fair competition that you’re looking for would be there.

Look. Your game is a lot of fun, and most of us don’t have a problem spending money on it. I have, as well as most of my alliance. All I’m saying is by increasing the refresh cost it’s only going to make the event unfair for poorer people, and give rich people more of an advantage. I’ve already seen this, with the first place in my bracket having over 5000 medals. That’s not based on wins guys.

Another suggestion to make the event more competitive and fair is to change the bracket system. Don’t go by level, but instead go by ranking. Gold with gold, etc. The way it is now, as a gold 6, I’m competing against challengers and champions for first, as well as actually competing against them for wins.

I understand that you guys are still trying to perfect this game, but making the refresh rates so ridiculously high is not the way to go. There’s so many different options to get the results you’re looking for.

If they make it based on rank and not level, people with constantly down rank and silver will be full of challengers. They NEED to match make by level, which they are not, I’m level nine and gold three and only get grouped with level 14s. That is no where close to fair, I started two weeks ago!

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Good point, I’m just throwing ideas out there.

And mind you I’m strictly talking match making for events. That should be on level. If you can get to a higher rank at a lower level, that shows skill. If you throw those lower levels into the event groups as the vets, it becomes impossible and the lower levels with lower skill are the ones who end up winning if they spend the gems.

I just know that since the change it takes me 5 times more wins to get the same amount of points because my the points gained per wins is much much less. I went from winning events to not even wanting to try. Which means coingate is even more pronounced since events were the only real coin income I had

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