Huge price inflation with no cap?!? (Continued, other post broken and can’t comment)

S7campusLifer— What you’re saying doesn’t make sense. Currently players can still grind all day long and take first place, regardless of their win/loss ratio- it would still be based on their total number of wins, achieved by spending more money than the other players. The only difference now is that people who have more money will win the event, and people with less money won’t have a chance against them. What you need to do is what every game in history has done… let the winner keep playing until he loses, THEN make him pay for more tickets, or make him wait for more tickets. All I’m hearing in your response are excuses to justify your exploitation of the people who enjoy your game and are willing to fork over even more cash to continue playing. If you genuinely cared about a fair system wherein the highest skill level takes the event, then you would base winning the event on a player’s PERCENTAGE of wins in their win/loss ratio, and not the total number of wins they have… in this scenario you would split the final results in to groups that each represent how many total games they’ve played, rather than their level, while during the event using a person’s rank (bronze, silver, gold, diamond, etc.) to determine who plays who. Alternatively, you could use a player’s deck power to determine who plays who, assuming the deck power has been calculated to be fair. In this scenario the winner truly would be whoever has the most skill, and NOT whoever spent the most money on upgrades over time, or spends the most money in the event. Feel free to use my ideas for your game.

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This update made it clear all they care about is people buying packs of gems to win any place. It’s a clear scam


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