How to run successful update 1.01


Take your most active and likely highest spending players and remove assets from them with vague explanation. Alianating your most loyal customers

Make the game take 15 minutes to find a match to actually play the game. Rendering it unplayable.

Remain silent! Offer no feedback, explanation, or make no attempt to appease your customers. What gives them the right to expect fair treatment for a product they pay for??

Well played.


Uhm maybe they’re finding the solution. Let’s wait some more and don’t let emotions take over. This is a good game and I have high hopes for it.


This main issue is the radio silence. Takes 15 minutes to find a game. Bunch of people got screwed. Even if they said “hey were looking into it”. But no. Nothing. Incredible disrespect


Dont expect for a solution in an hour. It’s a good thing they already addres the problem. Come on the game has high hopes. Let’s wait for a day or two. :slight_smile: