How to counter typhoon?

The new rogue typhoon seems ridiculously strong, and I’m struggling to counter it. Do you just have to hope you have a high armour unit on hand when it is deployed? Swarms don’t even work because it fires so many rockets, and they deal huge damage to units like Seraph. What are you supposed to do?

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Yeah they’re super strong but honestly rogues needed a unit with such versatility.
Basically they’re fairly low on health so hit them with an control spell like acid rain, kuro blast, grenade, or madness
A shadow blade will also do well, K9 maybe but I haven’t tested it
Just burst them down before they wreck your units any way you can.
Plus they don’t have much range, so a seraph, cartillery or lightning walker should be able to beat it.

Just throw a high defense unit way in front and be cautious.

Actually they have huge range, I’ve seen them shoot across the gap.

Armor works very well against Typhoons. Things like Vanguard, Fortress Mech, Pancake, etc. block a bunch of the damage because Typhoons shoot a bunch of small-damage rockets. I don’t believe Shadowblade works, because Typhoon is medium range, and it can only leap-attack long range units.

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