How to counter seraph with rogue?

I can’t beat 2 seraph at the same time (or in the same game lol) They just one shot everything, I put units in their legs, they melt them too. I’m getting angry as no matter what I do, the moment 2 seraphs appear it is over. Swarming with units, trying to get high dps, nope. My big tank gets one shotted. My base is 2 hits, feels like a joke.

Hi @Imbot.

Here are some good options for Rogue to counter the Seraph:

Generally to counter the Seraph you want to get an air unit close to Seraph (so she can’t shoot her bow at it) or you want to put lots of cheap little guys for the Seraph to shoot slowly at.

  • Punchbox is a Rogue air-to-air melee unit. Once the punchbox gets close to the Seraph, she can’t shoot her bow anymore. Punchbox is a much cheaper unit than Seraph and should be a great counter. Place it as close as possible so it doesn’t need to waste time flying over.

  • Val’s Factory generates a stream of little bots which will waste the seraph’s time slowly shooting at them.

  • If there’s a bunch of Seraphs clustered close to each other, the Seeker Missiles are a perfect trade to take out a bunch of Seraphs in one shot.

  • Combo a swarm of cheap units (e.g., raiders) in front of a deadeye so the Seraph will waste time shooting the wrong guys while Deadeye takes it out.

  • I know this is a cop out answer, but if you’re playing as Roxie and allowing the enemy to get a bunch of Seraph units on the board, you’ve kinda already screwed up strategically. You need to use your power surges to knock down their door before they have the time to make the economy / tech investments necessary to play a bunch of seraphs. In this case, I suggest you check out the decks of the top players using Roxie and think about what they’re doing to avoid allowing Ascension players to get to the late game.


Makes sense. Haven’t thought about the power surge, this game sure has a lot of angles to consider.

Haha yeah that’s our intention :slight_smile:

Every commander has strategies which work very well for them and you need to execute your strategy better than the other player.

For instance, nash is very strong at “rushing” for a quick kill in the early game. If you can manage to hold him off, he’ll run out of cards and lose steam. In contrast, Kuro is good at holding back the enemy, building up his economy & tech and then releasing lots of expensive powerful top tech units — you need to smash through and stop him from getting that far.

Roxie’s powerplants make her very powerful around the second tech tier so you should try to be winning in the “mid game”. If you’re fighting against someone like Nash, you need to survive the early push long enough to be able to get your power surges and roll over him when he’s running out of cards with a bunch of mid-game units. If you’re fighting a late-game commander like Val/Kuro, you need to play aggressively enough to use your power surges and get to their base before they catch up on economy.

Not sure if this has been said, but I sometimes save Roxie to fight them with her fire trail when she’s first released onto the field. Sometimes I can knock out up to four units at a time, along with power if strategically placed.

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