How often do we get new chests?


I’ve tried opening all three chests when they pop up, but sometimes I get to wait just 1 hour to get the next batch, sometimes 6. Is there any rules at all how often the chests are filled so I know when to take a break from work and schedule a time to play?


Yep! Each set of chests is on a timer that increases after achieving 3 wins. It starts off short, and goes up for every set of chests that are completed. This internal timer resets every 24 hours so you’ll return back down to the short first timer. What might be confusing to you is that the cooldown for each set of chests starts as soon as you complete the first chest. So, if for some reason you complete chest 1 and 2 but not chest 3, and the timer is an hour, you can come back in an hour, finish the third chest, and a fresh set of chests will be available to earn.


Thank you for your explanation! If it is not too much trouble for you, is it possible to make the timer reset in the evenings instead of at midnight? The users have to work during the day, and winning all three chests takes more than 20 minutes when you’re fighting opponents of similar level - not a time duration suitable for work breaks.