How many tickets do we waste?!

On the event fighting opponents that aren’t real, not ranked… and serving up freespankings on the reg, before you guys stop wasting our time? I’ve not seen one player on here that’s ok with wasting our GEMS and our TIME on this lameness. So, direct question:

WHY ARE YOU DOING IT TO US? It’s not right… you know it and we know it.

The only thing that is making me kinda ok with it is that I’m recording every single bit of your game cheating so when I finally decide to spread it around, I’ll have a whole bunch of good stuff.

You’re taking advantage of us. Please stop it.


I’ve stopped playing, I’ve given up on these devs. Honestly I’m glad, the next semester is starting soon and I was looking for a reason to delete this app anyway


Hi @1HalfBloodBath

I wrote a long response with the history: Why, in the event, do I keep playing people that

Yeah, your “long responses” aren’t fixing anything lol

A response is just that: a response. We need action