How many more times are nukes going to get nerfed?

This is honestly ridiculous. Every time you update, you mess with them. Their health is so low from previous updates that one hit from a Seraph (that isn’t even close to maxed) out blows them up. You had to learn to play them strategically to even get them to the base— which was fine because they should require some skill to use. Now you go and reduce their damage by a ton though? Are you just planning on making them obsolete? Is this the progression? If so, how about giving everyone all the coins back they spent on them. I could use all of those from upgrading it to a level 17 on a faction that doesn’t get done dirty with every update.


Personally I’ve never like the nuke truck always thought it was OP, up until the last health change, but I agree if your going to make that many negative changes to one unit, then there should be some kind of compensation for those who put so much in to them. Also with all the reduction in damage they can’t possibly be worth 5 energy anymore.


Exactly. I was fine with the reduction in health because it made you have to play strategically rather than being a weapon of mass destruction, but this is a total sham. Like everyone else with that as their main deck, I feel they always crap on the rogue players. :roll_eyes:

After thinking about this some more I think instead of decreasing the nuke. The warp should just not be able to go beyond the barrier area even after the barrier is down. I should note that I say this with Asc as my main. I think that still leaves the warp as a super powerful tactical card, but prevents it from being OP/broken now and for any future ideas. I meaning warping a full health Avasa next to the base is not an instant win, but still very hard to counter/come back from. With out a nuke anyways :grin:.

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Thanks devs, one deck player, you’ve nerfed it so many times now it’s nearly useless. Thanks for “fixing” the broken warp by nerfing a different race. 200 IQ. It’s really fun watching bases, barriers, fortress mechs, Avasa, Giga and I’m sure many other units shrug off nuke trucks like they are nothing now.

I get that it was my mistake failing to predict that maining one deck many many months ago before you introduced more worthwhile incentives to work on several decks was an error. I guess it was also my mistake failing to predict that legion and ascension would continually receive broken units and game changing buffs while rogues changes would turn out to be be drastic nerfs, undynamic new units, and mild but mostly irrelevant to the meta buffs.

Even so, the lack of foresight on your part when introducing new units followed by aggressive meta changes to try to fix your balance mistakes is borderline laughable.

PS, also how about returning all alliance tokens spent on nuke truck cards in addition to coins for upgrading, and while we’re at it make all the deals that were missed because tokens were used on useless nuke truck cards available again. :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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There’s definitely some good feedback here. It’s not the goal to make Nuke Truck completely obsolete. It still excels in situations where you need to break an overwhelming push by driving some plutonium into it. The lowered damage might just take getting used to. We’ll be keeping a close eye on its performance over the next few weeks as we always do after balance patches to see if it’s underperforming.

I agree, I feel like the issue was that ascensions new legendary is too OP and your answer to that was to nerf the damage for one of the most vital units in one of the most struggling factions. The problem was the introduction of warp, so why do I suffer as a rogue player? I feel like I could accept the change with a minimum of a 1 cost reduction to nuke truck, as nuke truck is now down roughly 30% in both health and damage from its original state, so a 20% cost reduction seems appropriate.

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I mean, if a lvl 15 nuke truck can’t even take down a lvl 16 avasa mech what’s the point? What tools does a rouge have to counter a tech 2 and 3 rush from an avasa deck? There are other situations where this nerf is a major hinderance to the playability of this race but that sticks in my mind as it was a great introduction to the new balance changes. My only thought was why bother?

Also 3 nuke trucks to destroy a same-level base. Lol?

Edit, actually turns out a lvl 15 nuke truck can’t even take out a 80-90% health lvl 15 avasa mech. Really? Give me a break.

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I think this is the case of them only prioritizing the modes that makes money ie events and gauntlet where this was an issue

I hadn’t thought about that but I don’t believe warp and nuke have been in events together, and as legendaries you can only have one of each in gauntlet so this issue doesn’t exist there either.The dev’s reason was 2v2 and I believe it, but they should be tweaking warp, not a vital part of rogues deck that has been around since the beginning. Maybe warp shouldn’t be able to impact duplicate units, that would also solve the problem without majorly impacting rogue alone with respect to any type of play beyond 2v2.

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Drastically changing a unit that people formed entire decks arounds seems very odd to do for a mode that doesn’t even work


Exactly! Especially when the problem arises due to the introduction of a card not typically used by the players using nuke! I mean really, what the fudge guys? This is an issue that really ticks me off.

What’s even better as primarily a 1v1 player I never got the benefit of this “broken” thing that they are “fixing,” only the negatives :sunglasses:

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That is why I am so angry, I earn my top 5 position on my own, it is already hard enough as it is being a rogue main this makes it significantly harder.

Yeah, and since the update messed up the league match up and S7Notabot closed my thread asking them to look into it and ignored it along with most other issues people are bringing up, I’m gonna take a break from this game. The devs are gonna have to really figure out what to do with that loot box bill getting bipartisan support though, I feel like this is just the beginning of the implosion. It’s sad because this game really had a lot of potential, but I think it needs a FFXIV hard reset and rerelease it after android is ready. At this point android players can’t even progress to a competitive level anyway without paying an arm and a leg and that playerbase is just going to eat itself too with the current model.

It’s simple, don’t use nuke trucks. That was the goal and this is helping that.
Make it more challenging for yourself, you might actually have more fun.

Don’t use a card is a very simple defensive answer and a bad one at that. I don’t even have nuke truck and I think that’s offensive

Tell that to the people who have dumped time and money into Nuke to level it up to 17


Mines 16, and that’s because I don’t make 17’s.
I’ve always said from the beginning nuke trucks is for cheesing.

I actually think the devs did the right thing with nuke trucks, it’s better as a way to clear enemy units rather than a cheesy win method, sneaking in to blow up opponents base.

Then they shouldn’t have made it in the first place. Do you have a hard time understanding that people put like $100 into every card they max? Can you understand if someone came and threw your shoes away because you were running faster than people who were barefoot? What a great argument life, really lol