How is this supposed to work

Right now my Spector is level 16, it now says I need two more cards to rank it up 17, but in the season cards page I could potentially buy 4 more Spector cards (what was needed until today’s bs update)?
So which is it? Do I need to max out season unit purchases to max the unit, or do I only need two more cards, or did you add a hidden new max rank to units?
Also where’d all my unit cards go?! Why do I only have like 12-34 of certain cards I had 1200-1800 of earlier today? I only needed coin to max a lot of my units and now it’s all f’d.


Yeah, I had plans to upgrade stuff, that’s strange sevens

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Yeah, hard to know. Had lots of units, poof.

You will be able to rank up your season 2 legendaries without the final two cards in the season branch. I’d think of it like a sale … sorry for the confusion, but I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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