How in the world do you beat Val

I’ve been battling Val for a month. It’s impossible. Please help with some deck strategies the only one I’ve seen helpful is the bomb car. I don’t have this. I’ve paid for elite and the quest pass. This card is not coming up. I am so frustrated because I was accelerating quickly and doing very well. I can no longer rank well in the events because I am matched against people way higher than me when before I would win multiple events. I feel I’ve plateaued and do not enjoy the game at all.

The best way is a rush deck. NASH with mainly tier 1 or Roxy with t1/t2 troops. Val is strong in the long game.

What’s your deck look like now, cards/levels?

Welcome to as far as you’ll make it in the game. The economy of the game was ruined many many months ago and has since then as far as anyone can tell the game has been abandoned by the developers.

The lights are on only to pray on people like you that will send in some $ before learning that their money isn’t going to allow them to advance, they can’t advance through gameplay, and this game is no longer being worked on.


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