How does “Fight It Out” Work?


I had a game where both teams died, but I lost… how does the system work???


Thank you for the question @Sleepymancer! Judging from all the questions on global chat, it appears a lot of players find the “fight it out” mechanic confusing. We’ll think hard about this feedback! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my understanding of how it works as of right now:

  • Matches in Wild Beyond never end in ties!
  • If the timer runs out, the game goes into “fight it out” mode.
  • Once you enter “fight it out” mode, no one can play any more additional cards.
  • In this mode, all the “buildings” (such as the Ascension Turret) will have their health start withering away until they die.
  • In this mode, if a player destroys the enemy base then they win the match immediately.
  • In this mode, if one player has all of their units die then the other player will win the match immediately.
  • In this mode, if both players have all of their units die at the same moment then a winner is chosen randomly.

In other words, once you get into “Fight it Out”, you win by being the first to destroy the enemy base or destroy all the enemy units. There can be corner cases where the only units on the field are buildings. In this case, the building which survives longer will be the winning team.


How about if both players didn’t put any unit at all from the start of the game until the end of Fight It Out? Who will win?


Good “corner case” question. I’m pretty sure it’s a random “coin flip” to determine winner in this case.


Sometimes this is really annoying.
I was close to destroying their base, but then work it out started, where I lost my last units and my enemy still had two. So I lost the game… He didn‘t even destroy my shield…
Doesn‘t seem fair.


Well. It’s part of the gameplay and strategy to think of the timer.


Coin toss - was wondering about that.

Suggest it’d be better if, in that situation, the player whose base has more health won. Then, only if they are equal, do a coin toss.


Oooh. Nice suggestion @Aarradin. Also, player with more damage dealt can be an option too!