How does armor work?

I’m trying to decide whether to upgrade Suit Up another level for this event, but I don’t have a point of reference to understand what the increase of a few armor points will do.

Is the armor value subtracted from incoming damage? Is there a multiplicative factor involved?

If I have a unit that hits for 1000 damage per shot and shoots once per second, and my opponent’s unit has 250 armor and 5000 HP, what will the damage taken look like? Unmodified, it seems like it would take my unit 5 seconds to kill the oppo unit. With the armor modification, how long would it take?

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Great question, I’m glad you asked, and I’d also like to know more in depth the way armor works.

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Been wondering this as well as units without armor die much faster. Like lightbringers (not in this event just in general).

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Good question. I talked to the people who built this:

  • Armor reduces incoming damage by a flat amount.
  • “Suit Up” does stack and increases the amount of armor repeatedly.
  • However any damage cannot be reduced below 35% of the original damage

For your specific example, he says:

In the user’s example, with the 250 armor, the unit would end up taking 750 damage per shot, so they’d last 6.66 seconds (5000 HP / 750 damage per second)

Unless there is something special about the attacker’s attack that causes it to ignore armor (e.g., Raildog.)


Awesome info, thanks for tracking that down!

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I love suit up I max it it works really good the extra 33% hp to all units it’s on plus the bonus armor is so good

So what happens if a unit has 1000 armor and the attacker does 900 damage per attack? Do they take zero damage? Obviously not right? Essentially if a units armor rating is higher than an attackers attack what happens

Since an attack cannot be reduced by armor below 35%, they would take 900*.35 damage. So around 300.

Thanks, didn’t see that part, so that’s why high armor units are effective against fast speed low damage enemies, if the enemy does 100 damage and the defendin unit has 500 armor they are only doing 35 damage per attack, if the defenders health is well over say 50000 even a swarm would take time to defeat that defender

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