How do we report quitters?


I have had the same two people in the 2nd ranked alliance quit against me 5+ times in a row today. I have screenshots showing it. Each time, I had various partners ranging from silver to gold. Where do I need to send this to report it so people like this can be banned? They had no problem running through anyone else in my alliance, but I beat them once and now they won’t stop quitting every time I’ve matched against them. Quitting matches to keep yourself a higher rank is ridiculous and should not be tolerated.


I look forward to the day that we will have automation to make this impossible. In the meantime, I agree this should not be tolerated.

If you have reports, please send to our team via zendesk.


What is zendesk, I also have evidence of this behaviour dating back weeks worth


Hi @LIFE1 you should be able to find zendesk using the in-app support link

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