How do decks work?


Based on my deck my rare and epic cards should appear more frequently during battles, but they do not. Can you explain to me how decks work? I thought you built your deck and that is what you have for attacks. :woman_shrugging:


Well, I guess cards appear randomly as they are drawn to your hands


I guess that cards are doubled. Like when You add 2 Seraph’s cards to your deck, You can get 4 in battle, but i am not sure


@Serowy no, you cant hAve 4 Serpahs in a battle because you can only put 3 cards of the same unit in a deck. Having 3 cards of that Will give it a higher chance of appearing early in battle


This is why I was asking. I put one grunt in my deck and it came up 3 times. :woman_shrugging: I understand how the mechanics should work, but are they really functioning properly. I removed them completely. Problem solved I guess.


Huh? That never happened to me. Are you sure that you’re not mistaking Grunt (4soldiers) with Reinsforcement (6soldiers)??


I’m positive. I took them out. I haven’t had any deck problems since.


Oh. Okay. Good that it’s working well now