How broken the game is now

Before the update there was the possibility to complete at least 18-21 battles a day for chests, that would generally earn someone 10 grey chests, 4 green, 2 blue and 2 purple chests with elite. This allowed people to login multiple times a day to expedite there progress and grind out better cards. A grey chest had ~25 units and a green had ~50 and a blue had rares and greys and purple usually had 6 different cards including epics and rares.

Now before the updat level 16 was 650 parts and after the update that became 12 so the exchange rate was about 55 to 1… so 2 grey chests = 1 new recruitment chest, an old green = 1 new recruitment chest, blue = 2 new, purple = 4 new. So to be able to earn the same number of unit parts a day you would need roughly 21 new green recruitment chests, however you now need to scrap about 2 units parts for every 1 you want to upgrade so you really need 63 new recruitment chests just to earn the same level you were before the update.

So how many chests are you earning? Well with elite you get 480 gems for your first win a day (1 chest) and you get 1 chest for 3 wins, and 20 gems every 6 hours which is an extra chest every 3-4 days. So thats 2-1/3 chests a day when you need 63 to be equal to the economy before the update.

Before the update you were incouraged to login a few times a day spread out after just once a day to get your 3 wins… before you worked with your friends to 2v2 for synergy between decks and after the update the 2v2 match system is so broken no one enjoys it anymore and the comradery is dead.

Two updates back you could farm the boss battle to earn gold, with normal wins hou earned enough gold for 1 legendary card a week. After the mine update and price changes you can no longer grind to earn gold and you now just get your 10,000 gold a day which means it took 200 days or almost 7 months to earn 1 legendary card (and some upgrades took 2 cards). To make matters worse they doubled the price of units in the store with the most recent upgrade which means you will be lucky to earn 1 card a year… they also reduced the sale price of the 1 sale item out of 6 jacking up the prices of everything outside any f2p’s grasp.

It would also appear they killed off player ranks (bronze, silver, gold, diamond, etc) which makes alliance recruitment near insanity cause you have no way to measure a persons dedication at a glance and its also probably why 2v2 is now horribly broken, and it would seem to mean no more monthly rank box prizes so thats another ton of units you no longer get.

With recruitment at a halt, alliances broken, 2v2 broken, upgrades broken, participation at an all time low and there being 0 way to grind for cards it would seem that playing this game is now impossible.

Lets say it takes 120 new parts to get 1 grey from 1-17 maxed, now with a dozen grey per faction thats 36x 120 =4320… now you need to scrap 2 for every 1 used to upgrade so 4320x3 = 12960… figure about 1/3 as many for rares 4320, and half that for epics 2160 and half that for legendary 1080… so 12960+4320+2160+1080= 20,520 now divide that by the 2.3 units you get a day is 8922 /365 days in a year = 24.4 years to max all the cards to 17…

Even if you don’t unlock and max most cards, which you kind of have to because of the required units to upgrade the commanders, your still talking 12 YEARS to have 3 lvl 17 teams for new players…

This upgrade broke the economy of the game so much its no longer really viable and it’s definitely no longer fun to play.

Usually stock reports to investors include things like player count and acquisition costs and profit per user and im willing to bet the droves of people quitting from how broken the game is probably tanks the company stock. So any employees benefits that include stock probably got flushed down the toilet with the update too…

So the sad thing is putting out a horribly broken and flawed update probably costs the developers more than it ever does the players because the players will just download a different game.


In the old economy, coins very quickly became the only resource that mattered — people learn to not bother looking at any cards they earn because the cards are not important. Most people opened chests and ignored 99% of the stuff which barfed out and only looked at how many coins they got.

Coin & card economy are now more aligned — coins are still important, but cards are important too. Sometimes you’ll find the resource you need in order to upgrade is coins and sometimes it’s cards.

I think this is a good change.

@S7campusLifer … @Naeces math looks solid. I wouldn’t consider 24.4 years to catch up to the guys who are already maxed a good thing. People ignored the cards in the pre-upgrade chests because most were common or could be obtained by donations. I was always excited to get into those purple chests. Now coins are easier to get, yet cards have become the new bottleneck. It kinda just feels like a shell game. Tiered chests need to return. Paying season tokens to buy a recruitment chest and getting a common card is not a good moment. The gold faucet has been nearly shut off, so much so, that no one can afford anything in the store. I really can’t see the path to upgrade anything that I don’t already have the cards for. I haven’t seen a purple card drop since the upgrade. I honestly can’t see a reason to continue playing if I can’t progress my decks at a reasonable rate.


Actually i always use to look at what i got because i wanted to see if i got what i was looking for, now I never look at what i get because it doesn’t matter what I got, I dont have enough grey or dust to upgrade anything and im not getting enough recruits to worry about it ever. 1 chest a day is useless so why bother even looking to see what i got. And your missing the point we went from the equivalent of 63 chests a day to 2. I need 24 chests to upgrade archers to 17, plus 48 chests of dusts and at 2 a day that means I can upgrade 1 unit, 1 level, a month. So for a deck of at least 10-12 cards (2-3 each) that means with Kuro too it will take a year to upgrade and thats only if I get the exact cards i need, since theres 3 decks with 20+ cards a deck spreading out what i get that means I might be able to upgrade 1 faction in 4-5 years, do you get that the whole ecomy is so broken 1 level can take 4-5 YEARS… if i have to wait 5 years to upgrade my deck to 17 the 1 card i get from a deck today has absolutely no meaning and theres 0 reason to check what it is.

Also to put what you are saying another way: we were giving the orphans 60 Christmas presents but we felt like in their excitement for Christmas they weren’t really looking at each gift at the exact moment we gave it to them so we decided to stop giving them 60 presents and only give them 1-2 because then they might actually focus on that one gift when WE wanted them to, it doesn’t matter if those 1-2 are cheap and flimsy, not what they wanted, or useless without other gifts, we just want those orphans paying attention exactly when they open it.

If you look at the “recent” reviews for this game they are 100% negative. Congratulations you 100% upset everyone

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I have said many times based on many changes that the developers either have trouble with math or they can do math just fine and they actually want ridiculous changes, a terrible economy, and no way to upgrade reasonably.


Im not entirely sure if Apple and Google actually charge back the developers or if they pay courtousy refunds out of their 20% cut of the payments.

It could be that a game developers business model is to start a popular game and run it for 1-2 years until all your whales max out on levels and no ones paying to play anymore and then when payments drop off, tank the game so all your audience rage quits and then move your staff to a similair game under a different name where everyone has to start from scratch. Rinse and repeat… getting thousands to quit playing on a game that’s no longer making a lot of money if Apple takes the hit can reduce the number of servers you need dedicated to hosting and allow you to make even more on a new startup.

Today was my 2nd login in the past 6 - 7 days. Read there is an event bug allowing players to use goo dogs even though goo dogs are not an allowed unit type for the current event.

Returned to see that v2.51 was just bug fixes - most likely to address the numerous bugs introduced with the infamous v2.50 update instead of addressing the major complaints of v2.50.

“How broken the game is now”?

To be fair 1v1 and 2v2 functionally for the most part work the same but gameplay is just not there for most of us. No need for me to repeat what was already said by most of you commenting on v2.50

I wonder how long is a sufficient monitoring phase before they come up with a roadmap? :thinking:

Actually no, when they changed the matchup system with 2.5 I found myself being matched against lvl 17 players in 2v2 when I launched a match with my fellow golds who have lvl 14s max. They threw the 2v2 matchup rules out the window with gauntlet prizes and bronze to champion ranks. Also 1v1 is nowhere near the same because your units are limited, meaning they unduly hampered players who focused on a few key units and benefited people who raised whole teams.

For example if you have lvl 17 vanguards and the rest of your deck is 13-14 you could do decently with just the vanguard absorbing damage for weaker units same with say grrrilla and chuckie or shield bot and teleport grunts. They completely changed gameplay because people who tried a phalanx play of meat shields and long range lose all their levels in the regulated matches.

This is them trying to shift blame, before everyone was upset the matches were hugely unfair for ranked play, now if matches is unfair its the players fault for trying to play out of their league.

They destroyed 90% of what people loved

Agree but sad to see you got triggered by my use of the term “functionality”. There was no need to convince me of how bad v2.50 was. If you followed through with what I said:

Or took into account my opening:

I’m not happy with v2.50 either.

Actually the purpose of my post was two-fold:

  1. Was hoping to get S7 response with this last sentence

2.Bumping a thread topic to keep it “alive” a bit longer


Maybe we can bump it with more math, I was mostly gold before 2.5, I barely got Ascension to diamond the last week before the 2.5 downgrade. Im sitting on the 1v1 with a 350 silver payout. First 3 wins a day are 5x, 4x, and 3x so equals 12 wins, I’m not the best player so I win 2/3-4/5 of my matches. Lvl 17 archers take 100,000 silver coins at 350 coins a win that means I need 285 wins for 1 level now with a win rate of 2/3 that means I have to play 428 matches. The max silver is like 26,000 a day so it will take at least 4 days (take the bonus 12 out for each day -48 and add in 3 a day +12 = 392) ok now at 5 mins a match (queue time and play) I need 1960 min of play or 8 hours a day

Who has 8 hours a day to spend playing this? Thats 4 days that means if you spend 8 hours everyday for a year you can upgrade 90 units but realistically you’re gonna spend 2 hours a day and upgrade maybe 22 units a year 1 level thats 1 faction 1 level x3 factions + lvl 16, 15, 14 we are talking 10-20 years to earn enough silver to reach what they let the people hit fast before 2.5

Anyone starting the game from lvl 1 is never reaching where I am and without significant changes I am never reaching lvl 17

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