How are we expected to upgrade unless forced to pay?

I’m just wondering how developers expect any new player to want to play with the new system coming; or even now, for that matter.

I finally beat a campaign I’ve been leveling up for and it took about 2 months. I just beat the battle and was awarded 168 silver.

This will not encourage players.

The silver rewards are cheap like that across the board.

My 2v2 battle awarded 20 silver.

How is anyone going to level up when collecting such menial amounts of silver.

One unit now costs me upwards of 15,000 silver.

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Hi Tekk. I’m not sure how to account for what you’re saying. Even our players who spend $0 (no elite) usually beat the entire campaign in a few months — I’m not aware of any specific campaign mission where players often get stuck for months.

Which campaign mission were you stuck on? What level cards did you find you needed to beat it?

Kaliki with a deck power of 1500.

Funny, boss raids are by deck power but battles aren’t.

guess I didn’t delete my screenshot

Hi Tekk. “Way of the Dragon” is the World3 Region 6 Zone 3 battle in the campaign. On average, most players are only stuck on this mission for 1.9 days before beating it. This zone does recommend a 15k deckpower Roxie deck, but the prior zone (World3Region6Zone2) recommends a 13k Roxie deck. I’m not really sure why it would take multiple months to raise your deckpower of Roxie from 13k to 15k – do you remember what was happening during these multiple months you were stuck ? Were you upgrading things aside from the cards in Roxie’s deck?

I’m not sure what this means… can you please explain?

The silver rewards are virtually nil. A problem to be sure.

I think he means you limit progression in the boss battles by overall deck power whereas you do not have that same logic in matchmaking in PvP.

Now you are proposing limiting arenas in the upcoming matchmaking revamp based on max card level. Max card level does not accurately reflect a players power. I’m not sure deck power does either but it’s likely closer.


Yes, thank you for specifying my thoughts.

I’ll echo this issue - I’ve actually felt “stuck” on the Firewall battle in the campaign for a while, which recommends a 12000 Kuro deck. Right now the highest deck I can manage is around 9500, with which I’ve actually gotten close to winning with but can’t quite pull it off.

I’ll admit to 2 things on my part:

  1. I don’t really like playing alliance so I’m not super motivated to upgrade that faction when I can get more out of upgrading other faction
  2. I haven’t gone out of my way to ask my alliance to help, though in 20 or so attempts they haven’t felt inclined to jump in either

I think both of these behaviors on my part are about incentives and, as noted above, currency. I don’t want to spend my coins on units I don’t really want to upgrade because they’re so hard to come by now. I don’t want to bother my alliance with a ton of activity they don’t get a lot out of, when I want them to be focused on alliance quests. And if the rewards for finishing the campaign are less for these same reasons, I don’t really have incentive to finish it honestly.

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