How are people using other emotes besides the regular six?

I’ve now played against two separate people that seem to be able to use other emotes in game besides the six I’m seeing. How?

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One word:


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I’ve been wondering that myself too! There’s a whistling one that might come in handy.

Yeah! Wtf is up with that?! I’ve noticed that too. @SolidWorkMan do you think it really is bots? It seems like whenever I see that, they also throw them up continuously


I’ve wondered the same thing. @S7campusLifer or someone may be able to fill us in.

Only bots have access to the emojis we don’t have access to, @PHNEWALLETKEYS


  1. Bad decisions- Such as throwing a tactic instantly on your one and single unit 1 to 2 or even 3 times

  2. Instant tactic throw- If you or your opponent throws a tactic, and if it went extremely fast as Mach 2 fighters or even the speed of light, you’re against a bot

Also, to add to #2, if your opponent’s tactic throw is extremely centered on your unit, again, it’s a bot.

  1. Opponent level- If your opponent’s units majorly have the same level, such as all level 15 units but only level 13-15 commander, you’re against a bot.

  2. Emoji spam- Self explanatory

  3. Fast matchmaking- Self explanatory. If your wait time is in the 20’s seconds or less. It may be a bot. Refer to the other 5 things I listed here.

  4. No energy/power plants built by opponent- Self explanatory. If you notice the bot builds up their power plants slowly, refer to the previous 5 things I listed above to identify if it’s a bot.

I’m assuming the Wild Beyond player base has decreased substantially if this keeps up. Also, remember when there was a time where everyone gets matched up against gold players? Plus, all modes except 1v1 was down?

Those were all bots. No low level players, that are actually REAL, were hurt during that incident.


@Holeesmokes This is the first I’ve ever heard of this. As far as I personally know, only six emotes are included in the game. If anyone has a screenshot, I can try to look into it. (ref 60314)

I’ll try to catch them. There’s a laughing one and an angel blowing a kiss one. Some others, I think, but those I distinctly recall.

Same, I’ll try to catch a screenshot. 100% seems to be bots only.

The characters in the campaign use the whistling face a lot, so yeah,
likely a bot.


I just fought “someone” in the event who used the whistling face, but didn’t manage to get a screenshot. And unfortunately, emotes didn’t show up on the replay

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There is another with a sunglasses

I have heard from some of my pms that the emotes were gotten the same way the dark kuro skin was. Waaaaaay back when :wink:. Hope that helps @S7campusLifer

Also, the emojis don’t show up in the replay. Sometimes that’s the best part!

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I got them!!! Strangely enough in an event battle.

Omg that’s so annoying lol. I’m convinced that these are bots, no one but brand new players throw emotes up constantly. And no one else has those specific ones.

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Definitely bots. All his units are level 14 and he spams unobtainable emotes.

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Was spamming the whole game… even while placing units. I know it’s a bot but why is it in event?

Yep, the bots are the only ones that can whistle emoji … for now!

Event bots are only assigned (a) at the very beginning if you don’t find a match quickly or (b) later on if you can’t find any match for 5min. More on (b) here: Huge win streaks followed by sabotaged medals and losses

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