Hey guys, Dave from Strong Sixes here

We are aware of the issues causing long term players to quit the game! We hope you return in 2021 when we will attempt to fix those issues. Here’s what you can find in the latest patch!
-New Alliance Feature: Alliance Fights!
We based this feature off of the success of games such as Pokémon Go. Using real-time location services, you can meet up with members of competing alliances around you in the real world, and attempt to fight them. If you win the fight, the camera will verify that you are the victor, and you will be credited 200 gold for each win! If you lose the fight, you can spend gems on new tokens called “Ambulance Tokens”! Each can be purchased for 200 gems and will alert your local EMS to come and attempt to revive you.
PVP changes:
We have done away with the ELO system and are implementing a new system called “BELO”! The system will attempt to pair you with players in a league above or below you - for example, gold players should only be paired with silvers or diamonds from now on. If you lose against a player below you, you will be demoted an entire rank. Similarly, if you win, you will be rewarded by ranking up immediately. Gems can be spent on new tokens called “Time Warp Tokens”, which will give you your lost BELO back instantly!
Changes to Events:
You will now be playing against exclusively bots. We have done away with tickets entirely, and are adding a new system called “Instawin”. Pay 50 gems for an instant win! We are making these changes to attempt to reward players using a mixture of “grit and grabs” - that is, how much they are willing to play, and how much they are willing to pay.
Bug Fixes and Gameplay Changes:
We are aware of the bug that states that there is an android version coming. This bug will be removed in the next patch.
Some players have earned enough gold to level up their Grunts - we are removing their gold and rewarding them with 2000 gems.
Mimics will now realize that commanders are the most powerful units, and immediately clone them.
Avasa has been removed from the game. Avasa players will be rewarded with 2000 gems.
The ball on the Soul Stealer will now grow to the size of the full screen, dependent on how many souls it has stolen.
Removed Reaper’s cannons to match their current game state.
Removed Kuro’s commander ability.
Val bots no longer attack barriers.
We are working on an issue causing Madness to affect players of the game, forcing them to self harm. This will be fixed in the next patch.
Everyone that has been affected by this bug will be credited 2000 gems.




We are also aware of the many players mocking the development team. These players will be banned and credited 2000 gems to their accounts which can be used towards our next game that we will be developing once we drop this one in a few months.

Thank you for our incompetence,
Not Dave
Stronk Stevens development team.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: awesome i dont know if i have to laugh or cry :rofl::sob:

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: and the best post award goes to…

Ok making a screencap before a mod deletes your post lol…


This is gold haha. This could be a dev post for sure.
Veteran players are leaving because we keep messing up the game and not listening? No problem! New ones might join in and pay.

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Want some diamonds, kid?

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•We’ve realized that making seasonal units exclusive and never giving newer players the ability to utilize them is a bad idea. We haven’t changed this, just acknowledged it. Here’s 2000 gems.


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