Hey guys, CampusCreeper from Strong Sixes here!

Hi there, CampusCreeper here with the newest patch notes!
-Gems have now been made useless. We are very sorry about this feature, and are gifting everyone 100,000 gems to make up for it.
-We understand that 2v2 is a feature that keeps this game alive. However, we want this game to die, slowly. We are a small dev team so we’re attempting this the best that we can. Do not expect 2v2 to return for several years.
-Avasa has been added back to the game due to player feedback.
-Introducing new emotes! We know that many players are requesting multiple deck slots, so you can now use emotes to express your disdain towards us, a small development team, about the lack of this feature.
-Matchmaking has been canceled. Any feedback towards this decision may be typed into an email and saved into your drafts.
-We understand that many players are frustrated with the new update.
-Events have been further increased to reward players for a combination of “gusto” and “wallet size”. Essentially this means that players that are very excited to spend a lot of money on this game will progress very far in events.
-You can now spend 10,000 gems on “insta-win tokens.” These allow you to instantly win a match.
-Nash has been given more brain damage.
-Due to further feedback, Avasa has been removed from the game.
-Seasonal cards from past seasons can now be purchased for $100 dollars for each card. We are a small development team that would like to reward players for “gusto” and “wallet size.”
-Due to feedback from high level players complaining about duplicate cards, we have removed them from the game. Any players who previously had duplicates will be awarded an animated Giga, who is depicted teabagging our player base.

Leave your feedback on the forums! We will make sure to read your posts and then lock them.


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