Heralds are out of control

Can we get some kind of change on heralds please? Unless you’re playing ascension yourself, it’s near impossible to beat your opponent once they start dropping these bothersome units. Ascension in general has become way too powerful, and these little dudes just make it worse. You guys have to do some adjusting to this. Like limit the amount of units the herald puts out, maybe from 3 to 2 or even one. Three is way too many, that’s 9 extra units per herald.


Thanks for bringing this up.

I don’t suppose you’d like to show us the deck you’re using? Maybe the community has suggestions on deck balance strategy.

When I look at the leaderboard for top 20 players right now and look their their “best faction” I am happy to report 7 Legion, 7 Ascension and 6 Rogue. These top players are quick to adjust if there’s something overpowered and impossible to counter, so I have some faith that it’s not completely broken if you build a deck which can counter Herald.

For sure a well placed Val, Arsonist, Rocket Trooper, Reaper or Corrosive Rain cars should be able to clear out a huge swath of Ascension Scouts pretty much by itself. You need to get the right card draws to have the counter in hand, but that’s true generally.

The one main problem area with heralds is often times there would be 1 or more late game (possibly end of game?) during the period when each player are near or at end of their deck…

One herald, then a swarm of scouts when usually we can gauge opponents remaining cards left to decide best play with own remaining cards…

Seems there’s a late herald in deck often times when any counter to them would have been used up already, pretty much guaranteed wins for the ascension

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I counter herald with my reaper quite effectively. Ascension is good but legion is definitely my favorite. Throw a reaper and some cheap air control behind it and any ground made by herald is pretty useless (almost as ineffective as all the people randomly lobbing their 2 cost gas tanks in this event at high hp units or Roxy’s drones lol)

I think scouts were initially cost three for a reason, when looking at other cost 2-3 units it made more sense. I think it was lowered specifically for herald so ascension players wouldn’t feel cheated with a card that cost 12 to fully deploy but the end result was fairly devastating for your other players, especially when bots and boosted players have max herald and my hellion, quite obviously the rogue answer to herald, is lvl 14 and near unusable. I think boosted players should be playing with their actual levels for season cards, or the high rank player’s season cards should also be boosted, if your gonna give it to them for free, even temporarily, I should be able to use my cards just as effectively for the thousands of dollars I’ve put into this game. There is a big problem with herald but your top players also understand the impact that seeing us complain can have on the community, but it is getting increasingly harder to maintain that silence as the game gets more and more punishing to those who supported it early on and quickly rather than over time or later in the game’s life. Please don’t throw me to the curb simply because contribution was in the early stages of your game’s development; it has still been a far more significant one than I would imagine the majority of your customers will contribute over the lifetime of their accounts. With all of this I know I can claim Royal Guard in general feels about the same way I do, and that includes at least 2 of your current top 3 ranked players as I write this, quack and I were just taking part in a discussion with the alliance about this exact subject.
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I feel like your response is evasive and condescending honestly. Of course I know how to counter the heralds and scouts, but the problem is the amount of scouts that can rush your base late game and by that time there’s nothing to counter with. Especially when you get a horrible hand. I’m not an idiot, I know how to play the game, please don’t be so dismissive to your top paying players.

Chuckles is right with everything he said, and quite honestly 99% of Royal Guard stands by what he posted. I mean, if you can’t take your number one alliance seriously what hope does the game have?

Hi chuckles

Thanks for the note. I’m not sure I’m understanding the feedback - for sure our intention is not to throw any of our biggest supporters to the curb. We care deeply about top teams such as Royal Guard and lynchpins of the community such as yourself. When designing features we definitely talk about “What about the use-case of Royal Guard? How would our top team interact with this change?”

I feel like there’s separate issues getting bunched up together.

  • Is the Herald “overpowered” if you’re playing against players with similar card levels?
  • Is the Herald “overpowered if you’re playing against someone with cards with are higher level than your card which is supposed to counter Herald”?
  • I don’t like the functionality which handicaps players during matchmaking.

If you separate these issues, does the Herald still seem overpowered?

  • For point #1, I’d argue he doesn’t seem to be overpowered, based what I’m seeing on the leaderboard.
  • For point #2, what is the suggestion? I’m not sure how to fix that complaint without making a lower level Hellion card can defeat a higher level Herald card… which doesn’t sound right.
  • For point #3: We’ve got an ongoing thread about this topic over here. Why, in the event, do I keep playing people that

Does that make sense? I’m sorry if somehow I’m coming across as condescending or argumentative. Objectively, the data seems to indicate “this unit is not overpowered” because not everyone is using it and the information shows an even split of players are figuring out how to defeat Herald decks. I’m sorry if I am coming across as condescending in the way I communicated that. I really don’t intend any insult in my responses, but it appears I am doing more harm than good by trying to respond to these threads even when I re-read responses to make sure I think I am being considerate in everything I write.

Lifer, what the original intention of this thread was about was to try getting some sort of discussion with strange7 staff about possible changes/fixes to the unit Herald.

Others have chimed in saying why the herald unit needs fixing, further to try get some sort of response or discussion for possible changes.

Why people would see your responses, be with good intention they may be, as condescending or frustrating is because of instead of what players wanted (a civil discussion on maybe the possibility of making changes to the unit) your first instinct was to assume Keys doesn’t know what can be used to counter heralds…
I know you were trying to gather some background info on what Keys is using in deck build, but the less offensive things to ask is asking for specific scenarios where heralds are a ‘bothersome unit’

Don’t get me wrong, I always appreciate that you guys take the time to write responses to the community… don’t be disheartened and maybe retry this from a different approach.

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I am referring to matches with a SAMe lvl opponent that has heralds at a 2-3 level advantage on my lvl 14 hellion, unless I spend a lot of money or happen to win a lot of events to get my hellion to an equivalent level, herald is too strong when played even remotely properly. A player with herald even a level lower than my average (16 vs 17) who knows what they are doing can win fairly easily with the right deck build because my hellion is not high enough level to use currently.
My point with hellion is more a warning for future releases, if a card is going to explicitly be an answer to another new card, the rarity should be the same so players of both factions would need to spend equally to have equally competitive decks. Currently, that isn’t the case for legion’s answer to herald: reaper, which works perfectly for countering a herald scout rush with another cheap anti air unit; but with hellion being epic instead of Rare, rogue players are at a significant disadvantage without spending significantly more money or waiting until late season after being lucky and doing well in events. Rogue is especially at a disadvantage for your top players who focus on 1v1, where player bot card levels are boosted across the board and my lower seasonal cards are not. In essence, players get decks as valuable, if not more so, as my own deck for significantly less money than I’ve spent simply because they are fighting me, even if ignorance is just for the one match and even if they don’t realize it, I do experience it as the high rank player, and for nearly every match I play. A simple solution to this would be to also boost the high ranking player’s seasonal cards to an equivalent level.
While I understand balancing issues and how balance is calculated, this level differential between most hellions and heralds at even significantly different price points puts a rogue player at a big disadvantage. It may be fixed most simply by relatively leveling the entire playing field, rather than just the lower players cards. I understand the restriction this puts on potential profit, but I should be spending equivalent to my opponents regarding seasonal units, as I’d imagine they’ve had the same chances as myself with respect to earning seasonal units. In this respect, you are requiring me to spend significantly more than a large percentage of my opponents to have the same advantage in play with the new cards, even respective to skill levels.

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