Hello support? Anyone there...?

Interestingly, upon complaining that my lifetime Elite purchase suddenly ran out, the only response I got was that S7s records only showed a $5 purchase nearly two years ago.

Despite losing all my purchases previously (a few updates ago) and sending all the screen shots of my purchases, I was asked to again show proof.

So 3 days ago I sent screen shots of the several purchases over the past 3 years I’ve been playing, including the bundle that included lifetime Elite. I also questioned how any fan can have confidence in them if they don’t have accurate records of money paid to them.and Since then…Just crickets.

I’m very glad I limited spending to around $200 over the course of the 3 years. That sum of money was worth it when it was a good social game.

Now…it’s starting to feel an awful lot like incompetence or a scam. I’m done with sending emails to the support address. Better to howl at the moon.

You could ask Apple for a refund if possible


Sorry about that. The person assigned to do customer support yesterday was out on a religious holiday and we’re playing catch-up.

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Looks like with enough noise-making and whining…I may have had my Elite purchase reinstated.

Thank you for that. It’s still a concern though as to why it happens and why S7 don’t seem to hold their own records of player purchases.

It’s mainly concerning because for the old-school of players who stuck with the game in it’s many iterations, we see it as eroding confidence and therefore viability for the continuation of the game. Added to the sudden loss of the 2v2 social aspect…it’s a worry that anyone will play it in future.

@S7campusLifer - you’ll find that the biggest critics of the updates are also the biggest supporters of the game as we fear it’s becoming less attractive to play and destined to failure on it’s current path.

It’s not that players don’t wish the game well, it’s that we fear it’s being destroyed.


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