Hello developers and fellow players 🙏🏼

Hello developers,
Could you please change the system where instead of collecting all 3 legendary keys to unlock the new features, just unlock the wanted key for the wanted faction, because it takes a lot of MONEY to unlock all 3 keys and we won’t have enough for the legendary features, so please consider this because we all players are willing to pay but a reasonable amount of money!!!
Happy early reset day :heart:
All love and support from top 30 players of the game


The problem is there are already quite a few of us who have already obtained all three and have all the cards. It would definitely not be right to change that mid-season when many have already devoted the time to unlocking all three

Hi @Neko2

First of all, let me say thank you for the feedback and adding to our community.

I wrote a response to a sorta similar question a while ago. Here’s what I wrote:

Or they could just start randomly adding them to players decks. Much like how some players have boosted decks to that one party had to pay for and another didn’t. So maybe that would solve this issue.

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