Heavy Lag in Campaign and Chat


Hey Team, lots of lag in campaign mode and chatting w/ alliance. What’s going on? It’s frustrating to not be able to play the game.


Was going to be my question too. Sometimes my games play out like a power point presentantion. I’m noticing it in 2v2, alliance discussion and even typing. Gave it a few days to see if any improvement. It comes and goes but I haven’t been able to really play 2v2 much since last update. Hate to just sound like complaining so I would like to say thanks for the prompt replys and hands on way y’all deal with issues!


Hi @BstNapperAlive @Knightowl!

Thanks for reporting your issues. We are trying very hard to be on top of things that people bring up to us.

For sure we have at least one new bug introduced in v2.02 in the chat panel. If you’re seeing issues elsewhere in the game aside from chat, I’d love to hear about them.


It’s not exclusive to chat, though that just warns me that the game is then unplayable in the near future. It’s happened in 2v2, campaign with another player, and even boss with another player. It’s not exclusive to chat or one type of game mode. It lingers until a force close of the game is done, and even then, it doesn’t always resolve the issue. I just stop playing for a few hours and check in after.


im having the same problem…too much lag during game matches and also in chat.
also it keeps on crashing during matches. it happened to me several times ending up with loss points.
i cannot play it anymore ans sadly i need coins for the upgrades but its unplayable now.
i will just wait for the update rather than keep on losing points


Same…hate to do it but only playing about 10% of what I was playing. HOping I don’t lose interest by the time it’s updated again.


The game is basically unplayable rn, between matchmaking being screwed up, unbearable lag, chats not loading or being lagged to death…the frustration level is beyond the beyond. I for one am just about to delete the game. Such a pity, it had potential.

On an other note it’s good to see CL here, they are sorely missed from some other titles. There’s hope for this one eventually I guess. Not for me though.


The chat lag problem went away the instant I left one alliance and came back the moment I was accepted into another.


Hi @Seer! Thanks for the kind words! It’s very nice to hear from you. I hope you’ve been doing well. I spent six months working on our other product (https://www.episodeinteractive.com/) and more recently have been helping out on Wild Beyond.


Well it’s awesome to see you;) I’ve not met a dev who had as much time for players, whilst not taking any rubbish either, as you:) Gluck with it all here, the potential is so great…the issues feel a little deja vuish tho


1130pm Pacific Time USA. Mar 14. Heavy
lag in chat and events.


Hi @DaBunny. Thank you for reporting this issue.

When you say that you have lag “in events”, are you seeing this lag in the event screen or in the event battles?


Hi @Knightowl @BstNapperAlive @Aietch @Seer.

We really want to get down to the bottom of this problem that you’re experiencing. Can you please help us do it?

For the problem specifically in the chat window, we’re able to replicate the problem and we believe we have a possible fix.

For the problem of lag during battles, honestly we’re not able to replicate the problem. We’ve had our QA team working through the night every night and they’re not able to find an instance of what you’re talking about. I fully believe that you’re experiencing this and that the problem is real, but for some strange reason we’re not able to see it. If you could provide us with more details, I think it would possibly help us figure it out

  • What device are you using?
  • Are you playing 1v1 or 2v2 or event battle when this happens?
  • Are you on cellular or wifi or both when it happens?
  • If you could manage to record a video of the problem happening, this would help us a lot in debugging what’s going on.
  • if you could describe the problem in the highest level of details possible, it would help.
  • Are there any error messages at all that you’re seeing?
  • Do you know if your device is low on disk space?
  • Do you know if your battery is low and/or if you’re in “low power mode” when this problem happens?

Thanks! We’d love to see this problem FIXED.


I’m using an iPad Air

It’s both 1v1 and 2v2

It happens on both

I have sent 2 vids to support days ago. They are unhelpful as only zendesk can be

Basically, either there’s up to 10 secs of lag between laying a card and it appearing, or the ability to lay a card stops, freezes, though your energy continues to accumulate. Then it’s game over and you’ve dropped a tier :roll_eyes:

No error messages, tho suddenly game crashes occur too

Nope, no issue with space

Nope, can’t see any correlation with battery either

Just as an aside, I know anecdotally at least this happens to a lot of people. Accessing support is difficult to say the least, I’m used to it from other titles, but others are not. It may help to make this a more obvious avenue.


Yeah…I’m definitely having issues. First, in case it might be relevant, I recently deleted game and then downloaded and reinstalled. Now in pvp games and campaign battles when playing with another player, the game lags intermittently. Sometimes when it starts for me the battle is already under way with several units already on the field. Play will be skippy…normal then totally lagged…animations jerky…actions delayed, etc. The last campaign battle the player who joined me didn’t play at all…the game started with my defenses already down and the boss just blowing my base away…soooo pretty much unplayable as is


Hi @Seer. Thanks for the additional information and videos. To me, it looks like the videos are displaying at least two different types of problem (one of them is graphics rendering stuttering and the other one looks like waiting for network input.) We’re looking at this info and try to reproduce.

One thing I should mention: I know it feels like yesterday, but the iPad Air was released in 2013; it’s now a 6 year old device! We definitely want to make sure that the app performs without stuttering on your device, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s part of the current problem. Our game was primarily designed for ~2017 devices so to get older devices to work we’ve need to reduce graphics and other features to even get it working at all. We’ll continue to optimize so it doesn’t stutter or lag on older devices, but don’t be surprised if it takes reducing some of the pretty graphics to get there.


@ElOhssa may i ask you plz send me all the info in the bullets? device type, battle type, network type, etc? It would be very helpful for us to debug the problem. I’m trying to figure out patterns among players who are experiencing the problem to narrow down which situation is causing the problem. Thanks so much!


@S7campusLifer I’ll get you the stats later, but I’m noticing that if I start anything from chat and chat is being laggy, then the games are gonna be laggy, whether it’s boss, campaign, or 2v2. That’s what happened in my most recent issue. Feels like it all stems from the chat lag issue.


Sorry, should have been more specific… it’s an iPad Air 3, it’s about a year and a half old :sweat_smile: but thanks for the advice anyways.


@Seer haha ok! got it thanks!