Have some gems as rewards in the gauntlet

I would like to suggest a change to the way gauntlet now works. Even with 12 wins, you now get 0 gems in the rewards. The gauntlet was one of the few ways you could get gems in-game (besides purchasing), and it was nice as since it has a high skill component it allowed good players to get some more gems for events.

The gauntlet also strikes me as very underused. I love this format. My impression from the recent change to downgrade the rewards is that this is an attempt to sideline the format, while really i think it needs some focus. It’s very fun, it’s very skill-based, and it reminds me a lot of arena in hearthstone. In that game arena is a whole area of it’s own with it’s own player base and streamers etc.

In Hearthstone arena at 7 wins you get your 150 gold entry back, and above that you get more. so it legit allowed a few excellent players to “go infinite” - keep playing over and over without losing gold overall. The gauntlet does not allow this, before at 7 wins you would get the 200 gem entry fee back, now there’s nothing.

I strongly believe that this is a major strength of this game, and it’s a way to get people who look down on “pay to win” type mechanics to give general respect for the game and it’s players. It also allows players to use all kinds of units they probably don’t have, which is going to motivate them to try and get those units. Right now wait times are 1min+ for even a 1-0 record, if significantly better rewards were introduced i think this would go way down and there’s potential to expand the player base heavily just within this mode.

Just my two cents. Thanks for reading.



Hi @MonkeyBiznas Thanks for the feedback. There’s a long thread discussing what prompted the change here: Can we all talk about gauntlet for a minute?