Have I been taking crazy pills!?

The tone of your responses implies you and your team are content with the changes you have made to the game.

With that in mind, can you provide us with some info as to the number of people who have stopped playing vs the number of days new players are active before they quit?
Your attitude towards the actual result of these changes seems completely unjustified, as the game is turning into a ghost town. Global chat has turned into a group chat of the same 10 people, and 2v2 / 1v1 arena is filled with bots bc there are almost never active players searching( side note: we can actually coordinate in global chat now with other alliances to search together in2v2 arena to get a match against them 100% of the time, which was IMPOSSIBLE before your game changes because player activity was so high.)

You also claim that you’ve stopped receiving complaints about matchmaking as a way of implying that your decision to change the game resulted in success. I think that can easily be attributed to the fact that those people just stopped playing the game. My question relating to that though is this : Weighed against the mountain of complaints you’ve received from the people still playing, how many people have actually given you positive feedback and thanked you for the changes? My assumption is ZERO.

It seems pretty simple from the perspective of what seems like the entirety of the remaining community. If you change major components of the game several times over, and you lose a majority of your player base as a result, you might want to consider changing it back.

At the very least, listen to your loyal customers/ Remaining players. Saying that your current formula has worked for other games is not a smart response or course of action. Just because this game has some slightly similar mechanics to other games, that doesn’t mean you should copy those other games. Did it ever occur to you that one of the things that might have made the game so successful initially was due to it being unlike those other games? That it might have been refreshing for players to have a good game that was fun and didn’t require them to navigate an obstacle-course through progression because the developers were greedy/scared of losing their players too quickly?

It’s just yet another piece of the puzzle that implies you don’t even play test your own game. It really seems like every single change has been made after a short spitballing session without ever actually testing the changes yourself. Just because your bizarre theories on how to fix something that wasn’t broken may have sounded great at the time, does not in any way mean that they work when applied - which I hope eventually becomes clear to you based on the diminishing community.

I’d love to see some number comparisons for player activity before and after the changes you made that would actually justify your continuing down a path of destruction, one update at a time.


Forget it buddy. They’re just standing back watching the final twitches of a once beautiful corpse, hoping a few more coins fall out of its pockets before the coroner comes.


Well that’s certainly what it seems like. However I’d still like to see the numbers that back their decisions.

It really does seem like S7 has a new release or project they want to work on, but need Wild Beyond to die (“naturally”) before they can. Between the updates and tone of responses it really feels like S7 wants to move beyond the Wild Beyond. This game used to be my jam, I brought a couple dozen irl friends / work acquaintances to the game. Many of them within months of the update. Now thanks to S7 I look like a jackass who wasted these people’s time. At least I helped them get refunds and they all quit.

@S7campusLifer it really feels like the unnecessary copy/paste replies made to posts that were about the campaign/weeks old, was just a lazy attempt to bury all of the valid complaint posts made by people during Christmas… how about responding?

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