Has anyone unlocked a second or third moon?

There are two other moons that are locked, and presumably these would triple our output once leveled up. Clicking on them just gives “To unlock: ???” So I’m curious if anyone has managed to unlock them by, say, leveling up to a certain point.

I’m looking for a light at the end of the tunnel here :wink:

I’m on level 8 of the first one and these bosses are getting hard to beat already. I’m diamond 2 playing with good 5/6 players. Going to be a bit til we get to the next moon… my guess is that will come in a later update anyways… not just from finishing the first moon.

From the original announcement I don’t think they are able to be unlocked now

In the long term, the idea is that each moon would unlock as you play the campaign and unlock the corresponding planet.

But for now, they’re locked while we build the content. We wanted to see how this first moon goes and make any necessary adjustments before building 2x more.

The first moon is slow and repetitive and the majority of your players can no longer complete quests because their current quest requires mining 50-70000 gold at 200-400 gold an hour.

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Sorry, I agree. Gold Mines were designed primarily for newer players. Our awesome accomplished players like yourself find themselves with a lot of “catch up” to do that they would’ve normally done while leveling up over several months. Unfortunately, this impedes completing recruiting expeditions at high levels, and I’m sorry for that. We wanted to make this transition smoother, but for various reasons we couldn’t. We’re planning to replace recruiting expeditions with different sources of coins in the next big release (so this issue will become redundant), and in the meantime Allied Raids provide a new source of coins (it doesn’t fully cover recruiting expeditions for top players who were doing lots of quests, but it helps a little).

Mines will be worth unlocking, but it’s okay to spread out the grind and not rush too hard to level it up (which I know from first-hand experience is pretty rough).

Sorry we weren’t able to orchestrate a smoother launch for our best and most dedicated players. We’ll try to make future transitions better.

EDIT: Please continue the discussion here: New Quest: Get 70000 gold from Mines

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