Hand interaction

So the card advantage you gave legion (ranger, enlist) and ascension (herald) is cool in how this is turning more into a card game. Have y’all thought about random discard or other things that interact with opponents hands.

I would like a mill strategy where the goal is to empty your opponent’s deck before yours.

Paging @S7Swede on this one.

Also, hand interaction = :handshake:

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This is a great question and one I have a lot of thoughts about! TL;DR: We are exploring a lot of different hand/card mechanics, however specifically discard and mill mechanics will probably not be pursued.

“Hand mechanics” is something that we are actively pursuing going deeper on, and we have several units in our prototyping pipe that are taking this even further. Our team has a lot of experience in CCG development and we think this is something that makes us stand out from other games in the mobile RTS genre.

When designing new cards, there are two important design principles that are very relevant when discussing mechanics like “mill” (destroying large amounts of cards from the opponents deck, which in our game would run them out of threats and make them easy to defeat), and “discard” (destroying cards from the opponents hand, reducing optionality in available tools at hand, or even reducing it down to 0 so they can’t play anything). These are:
-Anti-Fun: Is the opponent able to play a fun game when being exposed to this card/mechanic?
-Burden of Knowledge: Can the opponent play the game reasonably without knowing how this card/mechanic works?

These are not binary outcomes, it’s a scale. As game designers we have to decide where on this scale we are comfortable being, and it’s usually a trade-off between being mass market vs appealing to players wanting deeper gameplay (more “hardcore”).

We accept some amount of anti-fun and burden of knowledge in Wild Beyond, as we think the delight and depth it gives us is worth it. For example not knowing what Soul Thief does can be devastating, but it’s oh so fun when you Warp one that has slurped up two whole drone swarms onto the enemy base. Same thing when an Avasa player gets a nut draw and plays the giant mech 25 seconds into the game. These moments can feel frustrating to the opponent, but we believe that the fun it adds to the game outweighs the negatives and having crazy combos and units like this is part of the identity of Wild Beyond.

For discard and mill, unfortunately these are on the other side of acceptable of “anti-fun” for us. The problem with both these mechanics is that when they succeed they completely block the other player from taking any action. This is different from an early Avasa- even if it feels hopeless to go up against, you at least can take all the normal actions and hope for the perfect counter (looking at you, the single Rail Dog in the Nash rush deck…). However if you get your hand discarded or someone destroys everything in your deck you just can’t play the game, similar to how “Fight it Out” worked before we introduced Overtime.

Hope that gives some insight into how we approach card design, and I look forward to announcing more hand mechanics in the future!


I think it would be really cool to have mercenary cards that could be played with any deck.


Believe it or not, a long time ago we did used to have “Neutral” units, but we found it difficult at the time to make them work with the core factional rosters of units for a number of reasons. We still use their models as placeholders for playtesting new units though. One of them is a goofy-looking mannequin that dual-wields hammers.

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Sounds like fun. But even if it were just one reg card from each faction that was designated as a mercenary and could be placed in other decks. Just to mix the 2v2s up a little. Create new strategy

Even though they all have small differences, there’s a bunch of cards which are “sorta play the same role” across factions.

  • Lowest tech slow shooting hard hitting sniper: Legion Longshot, Rogue DeadEye, Ascension Archer
  • Lowest tech fast shooting low damage low health fast swarm: Legion Grunts, Rogue Raiders, Ascension Scouts, Ascension Lancers
  • Lowest tech AOE: Legion Rocket Trooper, Rogue Arsonist, Ascension Alchemist

For sure they’re all slightly different, but you use them to play the same “role” in your deck across factions…

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True…but a punchy with a boom box…under an invincibility shield could be a thing of beauty

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