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For the love of god fix the guild management. Fake online roster, kicking people takes a year cause of the stupid refresh, after kicking someone they are still in guild even after the refresh but kicking them kicks another member, have a last logged in timer and please for the love of god have a easier way to kick multiple ppl


Hi @Kimchee!

Thanks for the note. To be honest, you’re the first person to ever report this issue. We honestly didn’t really plan or expect lots of players to want to quickly kick out lots of their teammates en masse. I don’t doubt that the UX flow for “quickly kicking out lots of players” is buggy – it’s not a use case that we’ve thought about much.

Are a lot of other players experiencing this issue? Please speak up if it’s something you think we should prioritize fixing.


Unless ur in the top guilds. The amount of inactive users in the guild becomes too high to really manage well. Only way to track if someone is inactive is if they dont donate and kicking half the guild every few days is a chore due to the constant guidl refresh and buggyness and most of the time it says there are 50 online members yet only 10’or less are actually on


Would be great to put a required medals instead of just public and private options too


Yes…it’s a valid complaint. Our alliance requires everyone to participate in boss blitz and campaigns…those not active are removed. It’s time consuming and tedious to do this one at a time. And apologizing to people who are removed erroneously, due to bug…another frustration.

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