Guess what you ruined now

So you devs went to all the trouble of making gold mines to be challenging, get people to play together, and replace the original boss blitz. Then you decided to slow down the quest system by making it take ridiculous gold to win a quest. Then you took away the quests entirely and left gold useless to do anything with.

Well now I have no reason to bother with mines and bosses at all. I even forgot about it long enough for my mine to fill up for the first time ever. Great job spending what you say is precious development time meant to be used to benefit the most players to benefit no one and actually harm the game more.


Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be doing an economy revamp in an upcoming release aiming to address these issues.

It’s always upcoming.


Lip service at its best. :raised_hands:t2:

And now you failed epically with the economy revamp. Do you guys test your updates prior to integration?

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Thanks for the note. Do you have specific feedback on what parts of the economy revamp you think aren’t working?

Uh yes i do, stop ignoring my post called “devs what were you thinking” and go read it so you can have some knowledge in your brain s7


Do you ask these things in jest? You added a dust tax to upgrades. How to you get dust? You sacrifice cards. What cards should you sacrifice? Obviously the extra ones you built up. Oh the extra ones were devalued and or removed? Sacrifice some cards on units you haven’t maxed. Oh there’s an event with the required card being the one you just sacrificed? Oh you actually need to upgrade the card you just sacrificed to advance in the game? Ez solution buy overpriced chests to gamble for that card you sacrificed to get some dust to upgrade another card. Don’t like that? Then why haven’t you played your 6k moon battles to get your gold thing to a usable level? Oh you did but your card levels aren’t high enough to continue? Buy some gamble chests to hope u get the card you need right now. Oh you can’t upgrade it because you don’t have the dust? Start at the beginning of the paragraph.

Common now campuslifer. I refuse to believe you need anything that has been brought up on the forums in the last day to be spelled out to you. I appreciate that you respond to some threads, but the mock confusion asking for more details comes across as a transparent attempt to show s7 forum activity and nothing more.


I think requiring dust the dust system pretty much stops a player from progressing. You get 1 free chest a day and that gives you 1 unit. That one unit is probably equivalent to an average of ~4k dust (just pulling numbers out of no where). My suggestion if you want to keep the dust system is to copy hearthstone’s dust system. They don’t make it a requirement to use dust to upgrade units. Instead you can scrap the units for dust to trade in for a specific unit you want. Of course the level in rarity will determine the dust cost.

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This is how almost every collectable card game works — some cards are more rare than others. At some point, players start getting too many duplicates of some of the more common ones — more copies of one than will ever be useful. The common game design pattern to solve this problem of generating “useless cards” is using the extra duplicate common cards to build up other cards which are more rare.

Example: Hearthstone has you open card packs for coins. At some point you start getting too many duplicates of the same common card — more than you can use. Hearthstone’s solution is to have you “dust” the card so you can build towards some rarer card you don’t yet have.

If you don’t have a system like this to solve the problem, when you open your Recruitment chest, sometimes you’ll be getting a single card out of it which will be completely useless.

Yes, you could make a game design where you turn these extra cards turn into something like a totally different currency from generating other cards you don’t yet have (eg coins.) We didn’t take this path for the same reason Hearthstone and every single other game I know of didn’t do it: It would probably wreck the game economy. I wouldn’t even know how to model it — I don’t think we want to be the first game out there to try this when there is a standard game design pattern.

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You had an economy where coins were too valuable and cards were undervalued. You made an update to try to even that out. Instead of stopping there and seeing if you managed to balance that you added yet another convoluted currency system on top of things that requires sacrificing one of the other currencies.

I’m baffled at the defense of this as a good idea. You were having difficulty balancing two currencies that directly impacted upgrades. Now you have 3.

Great example. Hearthstone. I don’t play hearthstone. Should I elaborate further?


The game economy is already ruined, do even see what you’re are typing? Cmon s7. If it was a few people upset i would understand but this is outrageous. You have the whole community upset. Many of us have paid leading to the contribute of these “updates” the game was better off what it was before


Here’s why we went the extra step: What would then happen is people would say “I spent 400 rubies to hit the Recruit button, and I got a single Punchbox card which is 100% completely useless to me because I already have a Level 17 Punchbox card.” There needs to be at least some use of this Punchbox card in this situation.

We went with the standard solution all digital collectible card games use to solve this game design problem.

You probably missed my edit but it was probably the most important part of my post. You were having trouble balancing 2 currencies that directly impact upgrading. Now you have 3 (edit thanks to Lyth now you have at least 5 or as many as 14 WTFBBQ nobody even knows because no one cares enough to study this game long enough to figure it out). See any issues with making a system you were already having trouble balancing more complicated going forward?


You do realize you’ added another barrier to achieving those units in the season rewards in order for us even to get our hero near the card lvl we want and most new players wont even have that chance. Which this now even leads into a separate topic… just another downfall to the game. The update is worse than the worlds trade.


Scrapping for example, it still costs us the same coin, granted we earn a bit more however we now have to scrap cards as well to upgrade cards. Not only this the conversion system seems to be broken because I could have sworn I had more cards prior to the update than after the conversion even adjusting for the conversion it seems that I am missing cards still. Now we have to focus on certain cards instead of upgrading cards overall, you guys made events that required us to have higher level cards overall otherwise we would be at a severe disadvantage especially since you made the given cards occupy most of our deck. 4 cards for the given two event cards occupies too much and already gives advantages to p2p people over those of us who don’t pay as much or stay f2p, it severely handicaps us. Donations are limited severely to one per day and that makes it so people will not request common cards if they have any sense since the higher the level of card the more dust it creates. I am certain you have seen others complain about this very issue elsewhere in this forum.

I have played lots of games I’ve never played one where you have to turn you have cards and coins and then 12 different dusts to just upgrade a simple card (3 types for factions and 4 levels of cards). Your reply is not realistic.

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They don’t have 3 Negative the dust is actually 3 factions different dusts and 4 levels of cards different dusts for 12 new types of currency.

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Honestly I hadn’t bothered looking into the system closely enough to see that. They haven’t responded to the only thread on this forum I care about, and if they did I doubt they could come up with anything to say to compel me to keep playing.

But thanks for letting me know that what they’ve done is even more asinine than I noticed with my initial cursory glance :joy:

Ok now I’m not sure there are different levels of dust so I may be wrong that it’s 12 currencies it may only be 3, one for each faction. This update is so confusing it’s hard to tell.