Greed personified

Took a break from this platform for a while. Back now and…oh dear.

I spent a modest sum on here previously. It was worth it to stay ‘in the game’. But this nonsense…? Are you kidding me?

The devs are obviously relying on the kids and mentally obsessive to rake stupid amounts of dollars for a once fun, but pretty simple game. They want to spotlight on a current affairs program that titles ‘do YOUR kids have your credit card?’. Must have used Fortnite as their revised business model.

There’s no 2v2 social aspect anymore (which is what kept a lot of us coming back), cards and upgrades are a joke. Prices for gems - and now ‘dust’ - are simply stupid.

Goodbye to what was a once great game. Devs, as your company crashes and burns, you only have your pig headed selves to blame.


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