Good game - bad matchmaking



First things first I have to say that it is a great game, very entertaining, but it has a big problem and it is matchmaking … how is it possible that a level 4 player is matching level 13 players? 9 levels of difference! these reduce to 0 the chances that the first player (Level 4) can even have a chance to win, I think it is necessary to urgently review the method of matching a large part of the losses that I have in my account just by having to compete with players of a much higher level to mine.


Actually, you’re chance is not 0 since what if your level 100 opponent is afk? Sure you’ll have a chance to defeat him/her. Just sayin :slight_smile:


Please put constraints on match making. If you review the countless players plea to fix the imbalance then you would see that the algorithm utilized is unfair. I understand the logic for repeated wins and pitting against better players, but it should be against players that are still close to your same level. All I have seen are excuses for not fixing and veiled justifications for pay to win. You have a potentially amazing game but you are ignoring your player base. What I am asking is not impossible and not impractical. It is easily done within your algorithm.


Same sentiments. :((((((((((((((((((


I posted something about matchmaking and I got a reply about the elo system. I play other games that use this system and it is infuriating. My experience with elo systems they make it incredibly difficult, almost impossible to rank up. In this game where you can purchase legendary cases, the elo system will make it more challenging because your level means very little. I am a 12, but a 4 could have stronger units.

I agree with this game being a lot of fun and that the mm needs some work. I’d say base it more on upgrades than level. I’ve gone against some player whose offense I literally could not kill.


Match should be based on player’s level as it is proportional to unit’s levels :slight_smile: