Gold Mines

Why do we have a gold mine to generate MEDALS if that’s the case and not COINS!?
Medals are nice but coins pay for upgrades. There should be a consistent daily coin option in the shop

We’re planning to add Silver Coin mines in the future as well ! It’s going to require a larger economy revamp though


Pretty sure you’ve done that jacking up the medal cost of items in the shop. :neutral_face:

As many people have pointed out, the Gold currency isn’t very useful (or at least drastically less useful than silver coins.) It’s a much less dangerous change to mess with the Gold economy.

The gold is useless. The mines are a waste of time. The lock feature for alliance members is absurd. And it was lousy of S7 to reset everyone’s progress.

Not to mention why TF is the FIRST Quest involving mining gold require me to save 40,000!??
Other players were worried about a measly 10k … wtf is 40k about when I can barely pass level 5 due to the fact time zones make forced individual assistance nearly impossible. So I’m stuck on this damn quest for however long this will take.

This does NOT create incentive to play. Tell the big dogs for us.

Forty. Thousand.

First quest involving collecting gold. :neutral_face:


But you didn’t mess with the gold economy the change messed with the coin economy because of its impact on quests.

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And if they’re basing the specs of the gold economy to apply that to the silver; it will be completely skewed like many other algorithms in this game.

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