Gold is crap

You change all the unit prices in gold to be hundreds of thousands of gold, you make the recruiting expedition require collecting 50,000 gold or more from your mine (which is tedious as hell to upgrade because no one really cares about assisting when they get not a thing out of it! At least boss blitz used to reward both participants!), then, you finish a recruiting expedition and your reward options to pick from are two different unit cards or, wait for it, 1,000 gold!!! Woohoo!!

Who thought this out huh?

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Sorry, we intended to remove recruiting expeditions but they’re still active for now (and until the next release). I apologize for them being quite hard to complete and not always having great rewards in these final days of their existence. We sent out 2k diamonds to all players as a small form of apology for the issue. Thanks for bearing with us while we work on the next version.


What we lose by not being able to do quests is coin, why didn’t you give us coin?

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Diamonds can be turned into a very large pile of coins and season tokens – or into something else if your preference is to use them otherwise (diamonds are the most versatile currency). Also, those quests aren’t meant to be there at all anymore, so the compensation was more for the annoyance and frustration of how things were rolled out (not so much a 1-1 replacement for quests … which even if we tried to do that, coins are only a minority of what they provided … many people chose cards too!). It’s definitely not perfect. Sorry Lyth :(.

I think the problem is that coins are the hardest part for people and while it might be unintended it’s one of the last sources. So until there is a new source, people are scraping by so the loss of one of the last sources is going to feel more pronounced.

Very true. Allied Raids add some coins (more than some people got from quests, less than others got from quests). It’s not a complete or final solution – many more changes are on the way.

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I wrote up my thoughts on this quest thing in another thread: Boss blitz: we can be positive and constructive a bit too

More than anything, gold probably just needs a broader use or have gold be a currency for x segment of players and a different one for y

I don’t understand devs fixation with gold. It is basically useless. Players won’t spend time on the boring mining to get gold. Only coins are important.

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We are planning to add silver coin Mines in the future as well, but it’s going to require a more major economy revamp. Using gold allows us to experiment with new features and tweak them. Once we’re sure they’re working out we can take on the bigger project of a big economy revamp.

If you’re basing your silver coin economy off how the current gold economy is being played; that will be extremely erroneous (as are other algorithms in the game.)

Players are asking for one thing and all developers are doing is offering time wasting, tedious, repetitive tasks for menial rewards. And shoving Events down our throats, in hopes p2p folks kick up their activity; I presume.

S7 thinks their player base is pleased with reward vs overall? Nope. I’m not gonna tell anyone to play this game or recommend it anywhere b/c it’s a backsliding scale of gratification, these days.

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