Give up on Legendaries?

So I have already made a couple of post about the new green chest or even any other new chests you guys came up with. Rares are 20%, epics are 5%, and legendaries are 1%. I’m going to ask again, aren’t these rates kind of unrealistic if you want to progress in the game? There are 12 possible legendaries you can pull from a chest if you do pull one. Statistically speaking there is 1/100 chance for a lengendary and 1/100 * 1/12 = 1/1200 for a specific legendary you are aiming for. A couple of my guild mates ask me how do i pull this legendary I need to upgrade my commander. I really don’t have a clue you stuck at level 12 forever I guess.

Now my question for you is how many chest do we need to open to get the nesseary legendary units or even epic units to get a commander from level 10-17? This game has been out for a little over a year and people manage to max 17 their commanders in little less than a year or so. With the new update will it now take 5-10 years or even more?


Hi @Vnasty. Thanks for bringing this up.

You’re right that commanders probably should no longer have their upgrades blocked by getting specific legendaries cards to certain levels. We’ll look into this.

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This is only part of it, people are calculating it will take 5-10 YEARS to max out cards, how is that enjoyable or appropriate?

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Hi @Vnasty we’re thinking about what to do, but in the meantime, what our game designers say is: At level 12, the commanders start to require owning single specific legendary card – but you shouldn’t need to level that card up. All of the cards in question start becoming awarded as “level up” rewards starting at level 45 and awarding one every 3x levels. e.g., Level 45 awards a specific legendary card, Level 48 awards a different specific legendary card, …

What lol ur answer made no sense at all people are max level are already lol so what are u talking about.and why people out an season and people can’t even get half the cards In the season it’s no way people will be able to get legend epic and rare cards this season last season it was possible I got a lot of the cards this season I want be able to cuz even spending money want help this season with y’all changes

I’m discussing the specific topic @Vnasty brought up – it is hard to get a commander from level 12 to level 13 because it requires that you own a specific Legendary card. For instance, Nash requires that you have 1x legendary K-9 card at level 10 or higher in order to upgrade him from Level 12 to Level 13. My assertion is that all of the cards in question that block you from upgrading a commander from Level 12 to Level 13 will be awarded to you at specific level up points (Level 45, 48, 51, … ).

This discussion is orthogonal to any discussion of event / seasonal content. None of the commanders require that you have any seasonal cards in order to upgrade them.

Oh yeah ur right that was my bad I just didn’t understand at first I apologize for last message.

Yes but what about from 13 to 14 and 14 to 15 etc etc those levels require higher levels of legendaries. You already knew that though.

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I’ve reviewed the requirements and think they are appropriate to leave them alone for now.

  • Level 13 -> 14: You don’t need any legendary cards.
  • Level 14 -> 15: You would need 2x copies of the same specific legendary card. This shouldn’t be a big deal because you get one of them from reaching levels 45-75 and just need to get it 1x from the Recruiting chests. By this point, you’ve been playing the game many months and should have opened hundreds of recruitment chests.
  • Level 15 -> 16: You don’t need any legendary cards.
  • Level 16 -> 17: You will need 4x copies of a specific legendary card. This includes the 1x from leveling up and the prior card though. That might take a while, but this is basically “the end game” before you run out of things to upgrade.

That may take a while? At 1% chance and need 4 copies of 12 possible current Legendaries in the pool just to level 1 of 6 commanders? I would say more than a while.

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This post is on point. To put things in perspective, I’ve opened 89 recruitment chests to date, and 10 of those was my toddler pressing the x10 purchase. If you look at my numbers you know I play a lot. I’ve pulled exactly 1 legendary from a recruitment chest so far. At this point the daily deals give you better odds of getting a legendary you what. Too bad I’ve stopped playing mining matches because of how you need to waste an alliance mate’s time to do so.

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How can i get the nuke truck for roxie? Its require for upgrade her lv12 to lv13??

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Hi @Welovecats. What level are you how? If you tap on your “xp bar” at the top of the screen, this will bring up a screen which lists rewards you get every time you level up. If you scroll to the right, you’ll find a Nuke Truck you will be awarded when you reach the level in question.

I’m max lv 75 and i didn’t get the nuke truck. Moreover its seem that the nuke truck didn’t appear as the reward for leveled up after the v.2.50 released

okay so it takes 4 of a specific legendary to get from 16-17. so 1/100 * 1/12 * 1/4 = 4800. Let’s say you just started today and you open 2-3 chest per day (I normally do 1-2). It would take 1600- 2400 days to get to level 17. that’s like 4.5 - 6.5 years to reach “end game.” AND that legendary is level 14😂. Please tell me my math is wrong

I think a point earlier in the thread was, though, that when the massive upgrade hit many people were moved to level 75. At the same time you had also changed what legendaries were on that progression path, so many of us didn’t get legendaries we would have under the old path.

So I think what you suggest might work provided you limit only to legendaries that are on the new progression path, but that might make things harder for those of us caught in the transition period.

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One thing y’all are forgetting is the deals tab in the store, if you save up gold or coins there are rotating legendaries in there you can get without opening a single chest. With diligence and saving currency you could easily level up these legendaries. I’m not sure if every one is included though, @S7campusLifer can you confirm or deny this please?

You don’t get a high enough flow of currency to get them in the new system… in a reasonable amount of time of course

Coins doesn’t get used in deals any more and gold works but is even slower.

I have a level 10 gold mine and i think i get like 10-15k everyday. a legendary cost like 4.4m. i’m already struggling getting epics. You expect me to wait like 400 days to buy a legendary with gold?