Giga unit cost?


Are there any plans for giga. You mentioned he is for early pushes but the high Unit costs make it near impossible. Legion Units are way cheaper if compared.


The recent buffs to Ascencion are definitely welcome, and I truly applaud the dev team for this step in the right direction. However, in order for Giga to actually be competitive on his own (especially in 1v1s), I feel as though Ascencion are honestly just going to need some new units to work with.

Put simply, their early game right now doesn’t compete with others, regardless how you try and build or play the deck (and trust me, the early game is extremely important).

Just look at any of the top players, there’s a reason why you hardly see any Ascencion mains up there. To date, Ascencion is still the only faction to not have a single player thats ever been represented outside of diamond with it, regardless of their unit levels (And yes, there’s a reason for that).


I’m hopeful that this will get better soon. No promises, but I’ve been playing some internal design builds which include some new units which make ascension pretty deadly in the early game if you’re a skilled player. :slight_smile:

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