Giga in Gauntlet


… is garbage. I understand there is supposed to be some challenge to Gauntlet. The challenge shouldn’t be whether you get Giga or not. Every other hero has multiplicity. Giga dies too fast, does no damage, and has a stall tactic for his special cards. Not fun.

I’ve had Giga the last three times I’ve been able to save up to try the Gauntlet, and I’m over it. I’m never getting him unless there is some change. My suggestion is changing his special cards to something that does or supports more damage. He’s supposed to be this hardcore fighter, but he’s weak and can’t fight anyone.


Statistics do show that Giga is currently underperforming, but not entirely due to his kit alone. Nano Shield is very powerful to keep units alive or to block an incoming removal Tactic, and his stun wreaks havoc on slow attackers. Giga is supposed to excel for strong early pushes, so a strategy that revolves around that works better. However, we’re keeping a close eye on how he performs after some upcoming new units are release to the game very soon, because they help make a commander like Giga reach their true potential. That said, if Giga’s win rates continue to lag behind, rebalancing him will be our next strategy.


How should you push early with Giga when all small Units Cost more Energy as the Units from the other 2 factions? Legion has Units for 0 or 1 or 2 Energy. You cant compete with that as giga in my opinion.