Giga in Gauntlet


… is garbage. I understand there is supposed to be some challenge to Gauntlet. The challenge shouldn’t be whether you get Giga or not. Every other hero has multiplicity. Giga dies too fast, does no damage, and has a stall tactic for his special cards. Not fun.

I’ve had Giga the last three times I’ve been able to save up to try the Gauntlet, and I’m over it. I’m never getting him unless there is some change. My suggestion is changing his special cards to something that does or supports more damage. He’s supposed to be this hardcore fighter, but he’s weak and can’t fight anyone.


Statistics do show that Giga is currently underperforming, but not entirely due to his kit alone. Nano Shield is very powerful to keep units alive or to block an incoming removal Tactic, and his stun wreaks havoc on slow attackers. Giga is supposed to excel for strong early pushes, so a strategy that revolves around that works better. However, we’re keeping a close eye on how he performs after some upcoming new units are release to the game very soon, because they help make a commander like Giga reach their true potential. That said, if Giga’s win rates continue to lag behind, rebalancing him will be our next strategy.


How should you push early with Giga when all small Units Cost more Energy as the Units from the other 2 factions? Legion has Units for 0 or 1 or 2 Energy. You cant compete with that as giga in my opinion.

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I like the sound of that! Ascendance can definitely use better early push units. Haven’t used Giga except in events, but even Kuro can use more help getting off the ground a little faster. I get where I think my Ascendence game is pretty on point and then a fast moving Legion or Rogue deck sweeps me off my feet before I can get a strategy started and don’t really have an answer for it.


I think you will very much like our upcoming update. Giga is performing extremely well in our internal playtests with the planned changes to commanders. :giga_gg:


When will the Update be Released any Infos? Maybe do some patchnotes before Release. Some other games give Infos a few days or weeks before release. Maybe you can consider that for the Future.


We’ll have release notes up shortly before release, but usually not several days ahead of time. With iOS, we the developers submit an app update to Apple for approval before it’s cleared to go up into the store for download. Sometimes, it can be rejected and kicked back to us for changes. Therefore, our release notes don’t usually go up until just before we’re all clear for release. Otherwise, you might see a bunch of edits to the notes after the fact, and that’s not a good experience for anyone having to go back and check if what you read days ago says something different now. Hope that helps provide a little insight!


Instead what you can share is the global picture of the patch. Meaning: of course the details can be modified a bunch of times before the approval, but sharing “this update revolves about commander balancing, with some buffs to Giga and blablabla” may be useful to us.

This is specially true due to the fact that upgrading units or purchasing commanders is really expensive and we would appreciate the fact that we can plan our next investments with a little time ahead.

Thanks to this feedback I may consider saving up enough alliance coins to purchase Giga right after the patch if I feel it. It is just a matter or sharing this kind of feedback in a more official way.

Thanks to all of you.


I definitely understand the sentiment that having more information to be able to prepare for what’s up and coming feels good. However, if there’s a change to certain units/commanders that happens to be reverted during testing and doesn’t make it to the next version, that could lead to a feeling of being misled, which is absolutely something we want to avoid. That said, we do hope to have more occasional posts highlighting what’s on the horizon such as our State of the Game #1 and the recent primer for upcoming matchmaking changes.

What format and frequency do you want to see for information like this?