Getting tired of it

It seems like once a week all of my open chats disappear. As an officer that does a lot of one on one communication with my team, this is downright maddening. It’s been an issue for a while, and for leaders and officers, it’s an important one in order to keep things running smoothly (especially since you guys won’t listen to us and implement new alliance chat features). I don’t understand why this obnoxious bug hasn’t been addressed yet. I just lost about 30 chats. Just gone. This cannot happen anymore S7. Please fix this ASAP
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Bumping this thread since this just happened to me again a day or so ago.

It seems to happen without warning if you open a lot of chats. Dunno why.
I have the same issue any time I need to remind a bunch of people to do quest.

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I addressed this issue in another duplicate thread on this topic today. Please continue the conversation here: Where is the chat bug fix?