Get out while you can


Hello Wild Beyond players.

I come to you from the War Dragons world. War Dragons is a game that I have once loved dearly, and while they are trying to hide WB under a different company name, it is owned and operated by the same company, Pocket Gems.

If you are playing WB with the intention of playing F2P/casually, go for it, however you will see very quickly that F2P or even E2P (elite to play) does not get you far in the PG world. If you understand how P2W games work, this will come as no surprise to you. Games like this thrive on and cater to huge spenders; people who spend literally thousands upon thousands of dollars, people with addictive personalities. PG artificially inflates the competition in War Dragons, and likely this game too, by allowing and in some cases encouraging cheating. In the WD forums PG employees have admitted multiple times that they don’t always ban cheaters. Often, they will just roll back their accounts and refund them for any legitimate purchases they made. There are obvious cheaters all throughout the game, even within the top 50 teams. The players report the cheaters and see that nothing is done, because without people cheating, the whales have no reason to spend.

PG’s corruption and questionable ethics does not end there. If you have ever considered buying a pack in the WB store, just don’t. In War Dragons we have a currency called rubies which is equivalent to your diamonds. In WD, some players are offered 15k rubies for $19.99, while others are offered 35k rubies for $99. The disparity is huge, and the common link is if you spend money on the game, you will always get the more expensive packs. In some countries this is illegal yet PG still does this and without transparency.

If you have noticed that WB has a lot of issues, or that it already has balancing issues, it is NOT because the game is brand new. It’s because PG cannot release an update without bugs and cannot balance a game. 3 years later WD players are still dealing with bugs with literally every major update. We are still begging PG to balance things that we were begging for years ago. Did you know our chests contents are not scaled by level and haven’t changed in years, despite the fact that new towers/tiers have been added and costs have been increased by thousands of times? Complain about this on the forums and they will say “we hear you”, but that is all they’re doing, hearing us, until the day they kill the game.

The support (zendesk) that PG uses is utterly useless, so don’t even bother trying to submit a ticket if you need help with anything. We have been dealing with the same thing at WD for years. The sad truth is, this company is not interested in the longevity of its games. The plan is to drain you for every penny that they can as quick as they can. Don’t be surprised if WB isn’t here a year from now. The game developers themselves seem shocked that WD is still around, and now they are actively trying to kill it, despite having customers who spent huge amounts of money.

Long story short, don’t waste your time on this game, and ESPECIALLY do not waste your money.


I may not be able to empathize with your experience from the other game, but this is not that game. Without even giving this game a chance to prove itself, you tell people to not enjoy the game because of your experience with a different game?

This is slander, my man. Suum cuique.


Enjoy as much as you want, but I will advise people who don’t know better not to waste their money on this game. Not only is this game P2W, but the company that runs it is unethical. Why buy something in this game when the next player will get the same thing at half the price? Why buy anything when the game developers are making you compete with cheaters?


Come on man. Just get out of the game. Dont bring your bad attitude here


I’m simply presenting you with facts. There is a reason pocket gems is hiding behind another company name, and it’s because they don’t want you to find out the things I’m telling you.


Okay thanks. …


@Zikiru Posts like these are not appropriate use of this forum, and I’ll be closing this thread. However, before I do, I would like to acknowledge that your personal feelings of frustration (whether they are warranted or not) are real, and it takes a lot of passion for a game to take time out of your day to write at length about it. This is just not the place to do it. Wild Beyond has only been released for a few weeks at this point, and we’ve gotten mountains of feedback on it from players who aren’t as happy about the game, and ones who are super-enthusiastic about it. This feedback is incredibly important to the longevity of the game, and those are the areas we’ll be focusing on in the upcoming months.

From the looks of it, your account is still level 2, so there’s a lot more of the game to explore before making a judgement for yourself. Good luck, and happy battling.

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