General road map?

Any way we could get some information about a general road map for features planned? I (and most players) would love to know what priority many of the highly requested and long awaited features are. S7 is good with transparency, but there are still many players losing faith in the game, and a road map with maybe a nice graphic would help most of us feel confident that our faith in the development team is not misplaced.

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The general high level areas we are focused on are:

  • Improving the Social features.
  • Improving issues in battle and continue creating more cards.
  • Improving the feeling of “progression” to the game outside of battle.
  • Improving the matchmaking systems.

Is there any focus into the importance of the 1v1 and 2v2 ladder. It seems like events are by far the focus atm.

That would fall under “progression.”

Got it. Wanted to specify. Curious on an ETA but I guess we will find out.

„Creating more cards“ can NOT be prior to the progression feeling. The community is telling you in every sense they can, that you must solve the coins economy problem. Creating more cards make this is issue even bigger and go against the „progression feeling“. Therefore prio 1: give more coins :hugs::hugs::hugs: Historically a famous emperor said “give coins and games and the people will be happy!”…

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Oh and I forgot something. You might need to rethink your strategical priorities on the roadmap. Social features should not be your top one. They are many apps available already from developers who did that job well and that players can use. Your time might be more valuable to develop your game rather than a chat. Feel free to ignore me. If you want to reinvent line or discord…

I think they mean the social aspects of the game. Not just make a messaging app?

I think new maps with different obstacles such as:

  • Maps with different playing fields, some larger some small kinda thing
  • Possibly a 3 lane map which would allow for 3v3 game
  • Random environmental obstacles like a random meteor his a random (middle map) area and does dmg or sets stuff on fire like those firebomb (whatever they called) cards. Or a random ice shark hits and freezes all units in that area. Or a random aoe heal. Or random pushback or push forwards of units via hurricane winds or whatever use your imagination.
  • Have random “energy” on the field so if a unit attacks or runs into it you get 2 extra energy, the same could go with a card draw, or add a special card to your hand, or even random gems/coins on the field that could be collected. This would just help add some unique things to the game.
  • Like the other random stuff you could have random AI creeps that could pop up and give energy or coins if you kill it.

I got lots of other cool ideas if you guys really want to dig into it

One big thing that I think needs to be changed and I might main it’s on post about this is SUDDEN DEATH!
So many games where someone has a amazing comeback and about to win only to lose to burn down timer. Lots of players I have talked to think it needs to be altered. The games should be 15-30 seconds long BEFORE sudden death and/or sudden death damage needs to be wayyyy lower/slower or only start burning if I here are no units on the field. Something needs to be changed because I hear complaints about it all the time. Plus experience it myself. It’s not fun to lose a game you just had amazing fight in to sudden death.

This is all stuff that would make the game more enjoyable for the player experience. Non of this is asking you to give us more coins or more cards or anything. Just asking for some tweaks that will make players actually enjoy a good fight even if they lose, that’s really all we want are good games. Honestly if you guys consider this stuff but aren’t sure if you really want to implement it or not l, why not take a poll? Ask the players directly in the game to vote (not vote here cuz lots of people don’t read forums) that to me in a good way to make decisions on gameplay considering it feels like everyone of the devs don’t even play their actual game besides maybe some tests. I mean really play the game. Grind ladder and play with alliance members and what not.

PS make boss solo enabled again. It’s so dumb you are required to have a teammate to play them…


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