General questions and feedback

What are the leaves with red circles that we collect in alliances?

I see a lot of criticism on here, but I just wanted to say overall I think the game is pretty good considering I haven’t spent any money on this, and I don’t plan to. It clearly needs a lot of improvement, especially in the economy (sell the game or include advertisements so people don’t take advantage of you) and matchmaking, but the matchmaking part makes sense for a game that still has a small player base. I’m ok with it. I do feel the economy should have been worked out before release though. It’s clearly a poor long term business model, but its not worth the effort to get so angry about it, unless of course you were fool enough to waste a lot of actual money. I also have far too much patience.

If I wanted to play something without bots and closely matched players, I would be playing Starcraft, not a deck building game where you can upgrade your cards. I’ll probably stop playing by level 35, so they better come up with something interesting by then. I do think an equal playing field like Starcraft would have been better, but I like a challenge sometimes too.

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