General improvement ideas

I know I posted this as a response to another thread but I decided to make it it’s own. To not hijack the other thread, also to get clear feedback from other players on these suggestions.

I genuinely want to hear and let the devs hear loyal players input

I think new maps with different obstacles such as:

  • Maps with different playing fields, some larger some small kinda thing
  • Possibly a 3 lane map which would allow for 3v3 game
  • Random environmental obstacles like a random meteor his a random (middle map) area and does dmg or sets stuff on fire like those firebomb (whatever they called) cards. Or a random ice shark hits and freezes all units in that area. Or a random aoe heal. Or random pushback or push forwards of units via hurricane winds or whatever use your imagination.
  • Have random “energy” on the field so if a unit attacks or runs into it you get 2 extra energy, the same could go with a card draw, or add a special card to your hand, or even random gems/coins on the field that could be collected. This would just help add some unique things to the game.
  • Like the other random stuff you could have random AI creeps that could pop up and give energy or coins if you kill it.

I got lots of other cool ideas if you guys really want to dig into it

One big thing that I think needs to be changed and I might main it’s on post about this is SUDDEN DEATH!
So many games where someone has a amazing comeback and about to win only to lose to burn down timer. Lots of players I have talked to think it needs to be altered. The games should be 15-30 seconds long BEFORE sudden death and/or sudden death damage needs to be wayyyy lower/slower or only start burning if I here are no units on the field. Something needs to be changed because I hear complaints about it all the time. Plus experience it myself. It’s not fun to lose a game you just had amazing fight in to sudden death.

This is all stuff that would make the game more enjoyable for the player experience. Non of this is asking you to give us more coins or more cards or anything. Just asking for some tweaks that will make players actually enjoy a good fight even if they lose, that’s really all we want are good games. Honestly if you guys consider this stuff but aren’t sure if you really want to implement it or not l, why not take a poll? Ask the players directly in the game to vote (not vote here cuz lots of people don’t read forums) that to me in a good way to make decisions on gameplay considering it feels like everyone of the devs don’t even play their actual game besides maybe some tests. I mean really play the game. Grind ladder and play with alliance members and what not.

PS make boss solo enabled again. It’s so dumb you are required to have a teammate to play them…


Some of your ideas seem interesting or fun unfortunately I will have left this game long long long before any of them could potentially be added based on the rate that content has been added to the game so far :sob:

If you don’t mind my opinion, I have a few remarks on a few of your points.

If these maps were for events only, that’d be fine. I’m thinking that if they were also on for normal PvP it might be an issue. A smaller map would be good for AoE units and shorter ranged units, since they have less ground to cover, while a larger point has the opposite issue, with units like seraph and cartillary covering a massive area that, without tactics or units played like tactics, would just be overall stronger.

I’m fine with 3 vs 3 maps, though I suspect that the match making for it would be worse then even the current 2 vs 2 mode.

Not a big fan of random events that could win you the game, unless it’s for an event, or gauntlet. It’s already hard enough to win when your units are lowered level, let’s not add a chance my units are wiped out because that meteor hit my squad.

Energy on the field that you gain for attacking into them is an excellent way to make rush decks top tier. They currently are balanced because if you fail the initial rush, you’d get overrun by the opponent scaling up. With this energy that you get for simply running into it, they get extra leeway. Of course, I’m assuming that it respawns after a while. If not, it’s still more favorable for rush decks, but not as overbearing.

Ehh, this could be a campaign thing. Like that early mission where you were kuro and only had blasts to take out legion swarm units.

I find that overtime is alright, maybe decrease the damage early and ramp it up instead of what I think is a flat amount currently. I’ve had matches where I would be pushing down their base at just a sliver of health left, then overtime kicked in and killed me in 3 seconds. If it had been 4 or 5 seconds, I would have won. Now, slowing down overtime damage based on units on field? I don’t think that’s a good idea. It makes Val stronger because of her bots. She could go for a stall deck and just outlast the enemy if the damage was based on units on field.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on your ideas. As for me,I want events to have an addition to the usual medal calculation, there should be a bonus gain based on the difference in deck power between the two. If it’s a level 12 vs 12, no bonus. 12 vs 13, 10%, 12 vs 14, 25%, and so on.


I like all your ideas except changing the burn down timer. Reason being; the knife cuts both ways. I’ve been on the receiving end (sucks), but I’ve also been on winning side of the same scenario. People should land on both sides of this about 50% of the time if they have a balanced deck. If they’re weighted too heavy with tier 3 units then they will get more losses during last minute comebacks.


Love that you brought it back, don’t feel highjacked cause mine disappeared randomly so I thank you for bringing back!


This sounds like way too much RNG for a game that’a already so decided by card draws.

What could maybe work would be different lanes and each lane has a specific buff so you know what to push but that’s way more pc arena style and I just don’t think this game could support it being that cineplex.

One thing that would be interesting to see would be consumables. You can choose different ones to bring into battle with you or something?

There’s a lot of things that could be done but it’s just really hard to tell what has actual traction.

I also think that adding rng type elements to ranked play is a bad idea but it could be fun addition. (Maybe another game more entirely?) or events would be cool as well but I do think they’d have to be somewhat balanced as to not give one player some huge advantage especially when tickets or medals are on the line. Consumable buffs could be cool as long as they’re announced at the beginning of the game it could force different tactics. Again idk about ranked play especially if you have to buy them it would just make games that much harder for the players with shallower pockets.


Mine would be focused more on gearing the game as an RTS style experience with slightly less random chance components. For instance:

•Reduce the scaling of leveling units, which would help make matchups more about deck composition and skill instead of wallet-based.
•Lowering the level cap on everything to a more rounded number, like 10 or 15. Again, this reduces the wallet gap and increases the skill gap.
•Rig the RNG a little more so that all four starting cards are T1, so getting three T2-3s and a tactic is impossible.

  1. remove last seasons units from events to even the playing field for new players.
  2. in ranked allow decks to be built with either last seasons units or this seasons but not a mix which allows old players cool unique decks but not a strict unavoidable permanent advantage.
  3. gauntlet should reward 200 crystals or 10 tickets by 8 wins and also a respectable silver amount like 10,000. This aspect could easily be the best part of the game and allow skilled players to level up faster. 12 wins should guarantee a legend
  4. events should limit the level advantage one player holds over a level to 2 levels.
  5. event rewards per win should be dropped from a virtually impossible to achieve 100 wins to a more realistic 50 wins which in its own right still requires a ton of crystals


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One thing I’d say is…would you end up basically just playing gauntlet the whole time?

Not sure what true point of dropping the wins is…so if anyone does past 50 then they’re just SOL? That seems financially sound…not.

If I got a legendary for reaching 12 wins, i’d have level 17 units by now.

Still… gems need to be able to be earned not just bought


I totally agree. It should be balanced somewhere between 0 where it is now and this suggestion.

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Don’t think 200 for 12 wins or legend for 12 wins but def able to play gauntlet… Idk where it even is now :joy:

Heroes of newarth arena has a similar system for arena to this games gauntlet. They still seem to make heaps of money. You say it isn’t financially sound but I would think they have proven that it is. For every player that hits 12 wins 12 other players lost. Those players need to buy or save up crystals to try again. If you can consistently win 12 in a row you deserve to be playing in champion league anyway.

Tor me that change alone would at least give one area of the game I would consistently play , consider fair and pay money for.


Right…was talking about your capping it at 50 wins idea.

Not 50 wins. 50 matches and mostly tbh I just meant at a reasonable number. I figured 48 hours in the event gives 48 runs if you play every one as a F2P. Most people will sleep through a few refreshes or work. Life happens. Allow crystals to buy back those missed refills. People without jobs can run all 48. People with jobs can probably afford to buy 200 crystals for a refill or two.

My point was that reaching 100 wins seems impossible unless your rich. I won 25 matches this event I think. I’d need to spend 1000 crystals to double 20 of those wins. That’s on a best case assuming I win all 20 which is impossible with the current match making. But if I did I’m at 45 wins. Let’s say again it’s a perfect world and I didn’t lost the 10 or so matches I did. The. I spent 1000 more crystals to double my wins because I don’t plan on losing ever and 75+115+ I think 150 or more for 12 more runs. I’m still only at 67 wins. I’ve spent 2340 or something crystals and I’m still nowhere near that 100 wins AND we assumed we haven’t lost any despite probably playing up 3 levels the whole time

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Idk I am absolutely sure that they will never just cap it at 50 matches. But who knows. That sounds like a bad business decision tbh but who knows what people will chose to do

Is anyone actually playing 100 matches in an event? I’d like to meet the person who has the time and money for that to ask what their job is