Gauntlet rewards

Hey devs! Hope you have a happy friday.

I’ve been ok with a lot that has happened to the game for a long time because I’m mostly a casual player but the gauntlet reward nerfing is a sad thing. Gauntlet is by far my favorite mode but now I won’t be able to afford to play it. I save 200 diamonds JUST to play in the hopes I can get enough wins to get my diamonds back.

I have 2 suggestions to fix this without warping your plans for this game mode

1: reinstate the 200 diamond reward for 7+ wins so that you at least have to earn your free replay. Even if no diamonds are given below 7 wins I’m fine with that.

2: if a player achieves 8+ wins they get 5 guantlet tickets as a reward that way they are at least half way to playing another round.

My point is I play the game mode for fun not to grind coins or units or gold. If I have to pay money or wait 2 weeks to gather enough tokens I think that is not conducive to the type of gameplay it presents, furthermore with the nerfed rewards, literally no one is playing it. I will sit in queue for 10 mins and get no match.

If you want to draw focus away from a game mode just remove it. Don’t make it unplayable now your just adding unnecessary fluff to your game.


Gauntlet is worse. I got 11 wins, no diamonds and only 360 coins. Ridiculous.

By the way, why they keep giving us gold? It is worthless. Nobody want it. We need coins and diamonds.


3 times gauntlet 12-1 12-1 12-0 respectively. 0 diamonds. Did not know April has arrived so soon…

I’m not convinced that diamonds are even that useful in the current system. I can double my wins in events but 1000 crystals only buys 20 chances. In a best case scenario in an event I might get 30 wins and if I doubled 20 that still only gets me to 50 wins reward. Getting the legendary reward that was is not a good use

Plan b is to buy more event tickets starting at 75 for 4 chances to try and place first in an event but if your in the top 3 slots it’s because your winning a lot already so all 4 of those games for first place for a newer player you can count on fighting up 4+ levels for a nearly impossible win. After buying 8 extra tickets it’s probably not worth it any more

Plan C. Gauntlet…no silver. No chance for diamond. Useless rng game more for no reward

Plan D. Straight up buy chests. Well 4000 crystals should only take about 6 months to save up

If you know a useful way to spend them I’d love to hear it but for now I have no incentive to use them let alone buy them

Edit: I just finished 12-2 and got 5 rares. 380 silver what a waste of an hour

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