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Hey all,

I feel like this has been brought up before but I would like to say it again: gauntlet feels like a deserted game mode. Right now, gauntlet has the longest queue times of any mode which, I can only assume, is because of a lack of players participating in the gauntlet at any given time.

This could be for a variety of reasons:

  • gauntlet rewards are too low/insubstantial/random - possible fixes: be more transparent with rewards. like event rewards: let us see what we will get for 8, 9… etc. wins in the gauntlet, even if it is just an amount: XX common cards, XX rare cards, XX epic cards, XX coins/tokens. Gauntlet could even reward multiplayer chests so as you win more the chest rarity/amount increases.

  • gauntlet entry fee is too high - possible fixes: lower diamond price for entry, make gauntlet tickets more common, or allow gauntlet entry by using alliance tokens or coins.

And if none of the above options seem like viable fixes to the team, please at least give us an option to end our current gauntlet session at any number of wins/losses. I enjoy playing the gauntlet but when I’m at 10 wins and it’s taking 5+ minutes to find a match I’d rather just take what I’ve earned so far and move on.

Thanks for reading, I hope you guys will consider improving the gauntlet experience in the future.

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They didn’t want to make a mode that you can profit if you’re a skillful player. That’s in large part why this game is five feat deep in a six foot grave.


I don’t even bother to play it most of the time

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