Games you are playing now because this one is rubbish...Reviews and Suggestions

Since the Devs don’t seem to give a crap any more, thought a thread on what you’re playing instead now was a good idea. Let others know what’s good and what’s a dud.

I’m trialling War Hammer Deathwatch. Not a ‘community’ game so far, but fairly dark and interesting to date. Think it cost $2.99 to buy, but well worth the money if you’re into turn-based games.

I’m not completely hooked yet, but I’m still basically in the tutorial levels. It has potential and nice graphics. Stay tuned…

Any other suggestions?


Disney heroes

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What genre? Unfortunately in the RTS genre mobile games are pretty lacking and the vast majority have developers that use similar tactics to the ones that were used in this game. For some reason devs of mobile strategy are often pretty scummy.


World War Doh! is interesting. MTG ManaStrike has promise.


Command and conquer rivals is a pretty decent rts for phone. It rewards skill and doesn’t require dumping money into it to progress.

Stopped playing that one awhile ago…forgot why now lol.

Call of duty mobile , super Mecha champions, town of Salem

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