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I’ve been trying to contact the game for the past 3 4 days but no one is replying, and I hope developers could see this post!!! >:(:angry:
I bought multiple packs but haven’t received any of the stuff and this isn’t the first time to ever happens with me, I contacted apple for a refund but they told me they can’t refund me 2 times with the same app, so basically I got scammed and no one is helping here!!! I even have the receipt!!! What should I do :frowning:

Hi @Neko2!

Oh no! I’m so sorry this has happened to you. It really should never ever happen to a customer such as yourself. Have you already filled out a “Zendesk support ticket” with us? How long have you been waiting? @S7NotABot should be able to find it if you provide more details.

I really want to get to the bottom of how this is happening. If you provide me more details, maybe we can figure it out. Can you please help me with the following questions?

  • Can you describe how this happened?
  • Which IAP package were you purchasing?
  • Did you use fingerprint or password to purchase it?
  • Did the system ask you to verify your credit card in some way?
  • Did it take you out of the Wild Beyond app to complete the purchase?
  • Did this problem happen on multiple packs or just the first one?

thanks! and… again, I’m so sorry this has happened to you.

I’ve been waiting for 4 days now, and 2 packs the concert battle 99.99$ and time warp 19.99 $ packs!!!
When I purchase the pack the game crashes
Already said them^
I used Face ID (using iPhone X)
No but it took money from my account
Multiple times now and the problem is apple won’t refund me because they don’t refund multiple times from same app
And I even have both receipts and the chat between me and apple!!!

Regarding my battle concert pack 99.99$, instead of it providing me with the actually pack, you guys just gave me 30 days elite which only cost 4.99$

Im having the exact same issues with no resolution. Took 5 days fo a response and was completely overlooked.

Maybe you should calm down and realize that this is obviously a technical error and not malicious intent. If you are that upset and in desperate need of quick assistance, maybe the big purchase you decided to embark upon was wrong for your current financial standing to begin with. Act calm and collected instead of freaking out as if the devs pickpocketed you. I spend roughly $10 a week on this game and have never had an issue nor have I ever had a problem getting a response from a developer directly, and not someone who’s just paid to answer questions. I recommend you make another post with the answers you provided instead of saying “the customer service here is bad!”, no one knows what you’re talking about unless they take the time to search for your previous rant.

That wasn’t to you at all lol the guy who made this post made a second post complaining but not even referencing this problem or post and just said “the support here sucks”

Yea just I realized that, i think what your both doing is wrong so I”ma stay out of it. sorry

Lol well I think your reading comprehension is “wrong” too but :man_shrugging:t2:

Keep attacking everybody’s posts even after they apologize glad you find it humorous,bye.

A. I’m not attacking a soul
B. You literally were the only who said something to me because you thought I was “wrong” lol
C. The only reason I even said a word to you was because you “attacked” me :sob:

Unless posts/replies have been deleted, I don’t see these attacks… (or is this from a different thread?)

Hey All, I just wanted to clarify here that @Neko2’s Support requests have been answered. It’s worth noting that we typically handle support requests in the order in which they’re received, and “bumping” a support request by replying to it can sometimes push the request back to the bottom of the queue each time. It’s best to send the initial request and wait for the first response from Support before continuing the conversation. That being said, we’ll review our procedures to make improvements to turnaround time for situations like this one.

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