Gamers unite!

If the devs are not listening, why don’t we start giving this game a one star review on Apple/play store?


The game still has 4.1 stars on apple store. Gamers unite! Let’s drop the ratings to record lows. The devs need a shock to wake them up from their slumber.


Hi Haddy, I think the danger with that is that commercially it would make the game even less viable than it currently is and Pocket Gems might simply switch off the servers / close it down.

They might be simply winding the game down already and keeping it on life support so that they can legitimately not credit users who by in-game memberships and credits.

It would certainly mean that it would be less appealing and valuable for any other company taking over and running the game as well.


I’ve already done that.

This game hasn’t been developed for over 6 months. I’ve put both money and time and for that we’re currently getting nothing back except replies from developers that doesn’t contain anything.

The bottom line is PG doesn’t care. So when I look for a new game it won’t be one of theirs.

My guesstimate is the game will be shutdown in August. That’s 6 months after the last update in Jan (excluding the Bug fix in feb). As I understand (correct me if I am wrong) you can claim refunds from Apple within 6 months of spending. Even the WB support is just the same guy saying the game is under review. It’s a shame. The game has so much potential if they could get the dev right…:-1:t5::-1:t5:

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