Game showed only a quarter of the battlefield


Hello S7 team,

The game showed only a quarter of the battlefield to me and my team mate in an 2vs2 alliance battle (happend 05th Feb. 2019 around 19:27-19:28 UTC).
See screenshots:


Maybe you can find out what went wrong and fix it.

Thx and Bye ZeltaZum


Game-breaking Screen bug

Do you have any more information about how you ended up in this state? In particular, did you rotate or tilt the device so that the screen had to realign? It’s pretty rare, but I’ve seen some cases where the device resolution gets funky (not James Brown funky) if screen orientation is changed while loading.



This is nothing new. It has been happening for at least a month. You don’t have to do anything except go in the game and it randomly happens. When the battle exits, you’re back in alliance chat like normal but unless you force close the game completely then it will continue doing it for all multiplayer matches you connect to. It has happened to everyone in our alliance, but it usually only happens to one player at once. This is the first I’ve heard of it happening to both teammates.



This is from January 6 at 3:43 PM



No, I didn’t rotated the device nor tilted it much. Just sitting on the couch and holding the device in my hand.

Like Tiffany wrote already, this happened to nearly all of us in the alliance from time to time.

And the reported issue (screenshots) also happened to Damir at the same time in the same battle (and he is living far away from my place :slight_smile: ).


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