Game play issue

It seems to me that game play has shifted too really just one strategy. Swarm as quickly as possible. Even if that’s it’s not your strategy the only way to counter swarming or playing every card you can as quickly as you can is to do the same. I personally enjoy more strategy. I’ve beaten swarming many times but only by striking as quickly as possible or doing what they do andolaying everything as quickly as possible.

Hi @BigGib. May I ask which level you are in the game? The “meta” of the game shifts as the players in your cohort get different units. Which units are you having trouble with and what is your deck?

For sure “rush” is one strategy which many people use. There are also a good number of top players who use “control” / late-game commanders like Kuro / Val. Generally it involves using a lot of AOE in the early game to push back swarms.

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