Game meta since season 2

Does anyone else feel like season 2 changed the game meta in a very rushy way? I seem to recall gameplay in season 1 being more varied, with fast and slow decks each having strengths. Now, this doesn’t feel as true.

The net result, as far as I can tell, is that decks which aren’t fully upgraded stand less of a chance, and card draw order plays a more central role in game outcomes.

Anyone else noticed similar?


I agree that card draw seems to top skill or even strength of the units for the most part.


This holds true especially in this last event. Seemed like card draw was everything. Didn’t matter what level I was playing or card strength.

You know those draws where your enemy rushes your shields and you have nothing to defend it with. I.e. you get all air attack cards when they are ground enemies or vice versa… that’s how this event felt. I think one out the 50 matches or so I played, did me or my challenger fill up more than one energy source. Just rush to that first forge hammer a cross your fingers.


Which cards make you feel that way?

Season 1 introduced herald + dynamo. Prior to these cards there basically was no way to do an “ascension rush.”

I don’t know if I can pin it on specific cards; I just haven’t studied it that closely yet. But I do notice that the vast majority of my matches feel “rushier” than they used to. It seems like it’s rare not to see units on the field by the time our first energy plants are built on each side.

Had a match where Nash dropped his grunts, I had only my Avasa turrets to play. He broke down my shield before the hammer hit. I played my only unlocked card, Avasa, and he turned her around with madness. Done in no time.

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For what it’s worth, the graph showing percentage of daily battles which reach “overtime” has trended upward since last year.

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It got more rushy around the time they introduced madness but at that time I was maining Val and doing very well. Rush might be the wrong term, more like early center generator control but not necessarily doing significant barrier damage.

Currently ranked meta I have no idea. I almost never see people in ranked during my daily coin collecting that I historically consider “high skill” and when I do they are typically playing commanders/factions that they’ve been weaker with in the past.

Events is extremely card level and draw based, and this is exasperated with featured units. Some events reward slow play some reward fast play.

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Giga became viable when you buffed him and his shields not due to herald and dynamo.

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sure. ive edited my post to remove the mention of giga.

Yes absolutely it has and not in a good way. In last several events card level or even skill has nothing to do with winning. The same in arena 17 it has become a slot machine based more on card draw luck than card level or skill. I really can’t see doing any upgrades because I don’t think it matters anymore.

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