Game is not persisting in background


Hello S7 team,

The game state is not persisted if it is brought to the background in iOS (like after pressing the Home button and going to the main screen of the iOS).
It needs to connect to the server again and don’t resumes to the state where it was left (like a battle was going on).
The game should not need to reconnect to the servers, if there was no significant changes since last used in foreground (or if there was not a long time passing/Timeout reached).
If I was in the forums, it should go back there.
The game should resume to battle after crashing/disconnection/network issues if battle is still active.

Thx and Bye ZeltaZum

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This is intentional, as backgrounding in a multiplayer PvP game can potentially be a vector for trying to exploit the game in some way.


I agree with the potential exploiding problems, but other multiplayer games implemented solutions which are working well. One example is (or was) “Star Wars - Force Arena”. It had the same game concept and the problems was the same as here. They had a “battle mode”, where the game resumed, if you was dropped, while a battle was going on (or an matchmaking) and there was a “menu mode” where the game don’t needed to syncronize all the time again and again, because no need to refresh in real time.

To explain my pain a bit better:

In the moment, I can go click on the forums button in-game. I will get the embedded browser in fullscreen and if I switch out of the game (pressing home screen) and entering the game again, it reloads and syncronizes completly from the scratch. I am not ending up in the forum again.

Maybe you can watch over some other mobile games and copy the mechanisms from there.


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